Choose Wisely. Choose Worldly. Choose Deakin

Choose Wisely. Choose Worldly. Choose Deakin.

Why choose Deakin?

As a worldly university, we understand that studying isn't just about lectures, essays and exams. It's also about those extra opportunities that turn a degree into a well-rounded, worldly education.

That's why we offer:

  • Industry-relevant courses
  • Expert lecturers and researchers
  • Global opportunities
  • Flexible learning options
Find out why you should choose Deakin.

At Deakin University we offer a diverse range of courses.

To explore these further, simply click in the study areas below:

Architecture and Built Environment

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


Communication and Media

Communication and Media

Where in the world will you find positive results?
At a worldly university.

Media - a growth industry

Communication is the growth industry of the modern age. Deakin communication and media courses offer the flexibility to develop the key skills and knowledge across the professional areas needed for successful careers in this rapidly changing global industry.

Variety of disciplines

Within the Communication and Media area, the School offers; Journalism, Literary Studies, Public Relations, Communication and Media and Professional and Creative Writing.

Real world skills

Our staff were recently recognised for authentic teaching strategies that engage and prepare students to transition with confidence from our public relations classroom to the professional workplace.



Where in the world will you find positive results?
At a worldly university.

Early Childhood Education

The Bachelor of Early Childhood Education is now available to Year 12 applicants, and includes a primary teaching component, allowing students to teach children up to age 8 years.

Meeting worldly standards

Our courses have been adapted to meet new national and international education standards. With state of the art classrooms and global opportunities, our teaching graduates are well-equipped to teach in the 21st century.

Flexibility and fast-track options

Our Education courses are offered in differing modes, with most being the industry standard 4 year qualification. Some courses can be fast-tracked by using Deakin's three trimester system, and others offered intensively.



Where in the world will you find positive results?
At a worldly university.

First-class facilities

As a Deakin engineering student you will have access to recently refurbished, fully-equipped laboratories and cutting-edge computer-aided software that is used in modern industrial workplaces.

Professional accreditation

Deakin's Bachelor of Engineering is continuously being accredited by Engineers Australia to ensure your qualifications are recognised internationally.

Research and teaching excellence

Learn from world-standard researchers. Engineering at Deakin is different as it is research led, rather than simply research informed. Deakin is a significant leader in the number of engineering focused research areas, most notably manufacturing and materials.



Where in the world will you find positive results?
At a worldly university.

Hands-on learning

Deakin's environment courses have a strong focus on fieldwork. You will benefit from the experience that only field trips can provide and have the opportunity to gain real field based and job ready skills.

First-class facilities

Facilities that support our environment programs include a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) lab, wildlife tracking technology, aquaculture facilities, infrared motion sensing wildlife cameras, and a NATA-accredited water quality laboratory and high-tech research labs.

Industry learning

Deakin's environment courses include a discipline-specific industry placement which puts you in touch with industry through involvement with local councils, community groups and businesses dealing with environmental issues like pollution control, recycling, ecotourism, biodiversity conservation and management.



Where in the world will you find positive results?
At a worldly university.

Tailor your degree to your career

Deakin's health courses allow you to choose subjects from any area of the University. You can select a combination that suits your interests and tailor your degree towards your desired career.

Gain practical experience

Practical experience is an integral part of many Deakin health courses. Under the supervision of qualified professionals you will gain hands-on experience in a range of settings, preparing you for employment in the real world.

Highly regarded graduates

We employ qualified and enthusiastic staff with broad international links and experience. Their specialist skills inform the teaching programs to ensure our graduates are highly regarded and sought-after by employers.

Information Technology



Where in the world will you find positive results?
At a worldly university.

Get practical about practising law

We believe the best way to learn is through real world experience and practical learning. Our unique practical units are a valuable component of our law degree.

Professional accreditation

Deakin's Bachelor of Laws satisfies the academic requirements for admission to practise law as a barrister or solicitor in the state of Victoria.

Gain worldly experience

Experience overseas study, and gain a worldly perspective. We offer student exchange, study tours, work-integrated learning and a Global Citizenship Program, to help you become a more competitive graduate.

Nursing and Midwifery

Nursing and Midwifery

Where in the world will you find positive results?
At a worldly university.

Practical experience commencing in Trimester 1

Our nursing courses include a strong clinical learning program. Commencing in your first trimester of study, your clinical experience is organised by Deakin and contributes approximately 50% of your learning opportunities.

Highly sought-after graduates

Our courses are designed in consultation with our partner hospitals, clinics and industry, ensuring our graduates are highly sought after by employers for their nursing knowledge, communications skills, professionalism, enthusiasm and problem-solving capabilities.

Purpose-built learning facilities

The Clinical Simulation Centre at Deakin University consists of purpose-built simulated clinical environments. There is a centre on each campus and each is well resourced with state-of-the-art equipment to assist your clinical learning and transition towards independent nursing and midwifery practice.

Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics

Where in the world will you find positive results?
At a worldly university.

Nutrition without VCE chemistry

VCE chemistry is not a prerequisite for our Bachelor of Food and Nutrition. That's great news if you're interest in a career in nutrition but didn't study chemistry at school.

Hands on practical experience

Hands on industry experience is an elective option within the final year of our Bachelor of Food and Nutrition and provides a great way to consolidate your knowledge and skills before joining the workforce.

Diverse career opportunities

Our Bachelor of Food and Nutrition is a comprehensive course that prepares you for employment in a range of occupations in private, business or community settings. It also provides a pathway to our Master of Dietetics.



This program is offered as two sequential degrees:

Where in the world will you find positive results?
At a worldly university.

Fast-tracked career entry

The program is offered as two sequential degrees:

Purpose-built facilities

As a Deakin optometry student you will have the opportunity to use cutting-edge teaching facilities within the brand new, purpose-built Regional Community Health Hub (REACH). This $53 million project was opened in late 2012.

Meeting workforce demands

Optometry is a fast-growing profession, not only in Australia but also internationally due to the increasing role optometrists play in eye care, primary and tertiary medical care, the optical industry and research.

Performing and Creative Arts

Performing and Creative Arts

Where in the world will you find positive results?
At a worldly university.

World class facilities

We are the only Australian University where you can learn motion capture with the same equipment as that used by award winning Hollywood film directors. See Deakin Motion.lab.

World class researchers

Our researchers are internationally renowned and many hold key roles with national and international associations and on editorial boards of journals.

Real world skills

We aim to give students an intellectually exciting education, anchored in core disciplines, and developing the professional and vocational skills that are essential in the workplace of the 21st century.



Where in the world will you find positive results?
At a worldly university.

Fast-track your degree

Take advantage of Deakin's trimester system and the psychology subjects offered in Trimester 3 and you could fast-track your career entry by completing a three-year psychology degree in just two years of full-time study.

Flexible study options

Undergraduate psychology is more flexible than ever before. You can study on-campus in Burwood, Geelong and Warrnambool; off-campus via the cloud; or with the support of the Deakin Learning Hub in Dandenong.

Vast employment opportunities

Psychology is one of the most diverse fields of employment. As a registered psychologist you may work in mental health, human services, public health, criminal justice, organisational development, and child development to name a few.



Where in the world will you find positive results?
At a worldly university.

First-class facilities

Learn in a modern teaching environment and gain hands-on experience by participating in laboratory, field and project work.

Industry learning

As a Deakin science student you'll gain experience through innovative practical programs, including professional practice units, designed to develop the skills employers highly value and prepare you for real-life settings.

Research and teaching excellence

Our teaching and research staff are experts in their fields, with broad international links and experiences, much of which is conducted in partnership with government departments, industry and leading international scientists.



Where in the world will you find positive results?
At a worldly university.

Professional accreditation - Exercise and Sport Science

Deakin's Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science is the first and only nationally accredited undergraduate exercise and sport science program in Victoria, and a great pathway to further studies in clinical exercise physiology.

Career opportunities

Possible career areas vary from traditional sport, exercise and coaching occupations to sports administration, management and development roles. Growth areas include sports media, IT, event management and marketing as well as sport science and equipment design.

Sport courses at Deakin

Turn your passion for sport into a lucrative career with the industry's most respected degrees. Get everything you love about sport with a Bachelor of Business (Sport Management), Bachelor of Sport Development, Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science or combine both and study the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science/Bachelor of Business (Sport Management) from Deakin University.

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Will I get in? What ATAR do I need?

Many of our courses are offered at more than one campus. The ATAR you need to get into a course can differ, depending on which campus you apply for, even though the course is exactly the same at each campus.

See the list of 2013 clearly-in ATARs for Deakin courses as a guide.

The Deakin ATAR calculator is a simple tool to help you see which Deakin courses you may be eligible for based on your expected ATAR.



"ATAR" is a registered trade mark of the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) on behalf of all Australian tertiary admission centres. VTAC and other Australian tertiary admission centres have no involvement in or responsibility for any material appearing on this site.

How do I apply?

How do I apply?

Applying to Deakin is easy.

Most undergraduate applications to Deakin University are submitted online through the
Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC), (unless stated otherwise in the admission guidelines).

To find out how to apply, visit the VTAC website.

Experience Deakin.

Chat to us Attend an event Scholarships

Thinking of commencing your studies in 2014? Not sure where to start?
Mature Age Online Chat Sessions

You can chat online at a time that suits you with an expert about the VTAC application process, flexible study options, credit transfer and recognition and support services. There will be several appointments available from September through to December, when applications close.

Mature Age Online Chat Sessions

Monday, August 26, 2013 - Friday, August 30, 2013

Chat one on one with staff about commencing your studies at Deakin University in March next year.

Mature Age Online Chat Sessions

Monday, October 28, 2013 - Friday, November 1, 2013

Chat one on one with staff about commencing your studies at Deakin University in March next year.

Mature Age Online Chat Sessions

Monday, November 25, 2013 - Friday, November 29, 2013

Chat one on one with staff about commencing your studies at Deakin University in March next year.

There are so many opportunities to visit Deakin, experience a campus tour or talk with representatives face-to-face. To see how you can be part of the Deakin experience, click on one of the following events:

Parent Information Evenings

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm (EST)

Melbourne Burwood Campus

Every parent wants to help their child make good choices. Our Parent Information Evenings are a chance for you to find out about tertiary study, the application process and university life.

Find out more about Parent Information Evenings

Open Days

Warrnambool Campus, 9am - 2pm
11th August
Geelong Waurn Ponds, 9am - 3pm

11th August
Geelong Waterfront Campus, 9am - 3pm

25th August
Melbourne Burwood Campus, 9am - 4pm

Open Day is your day to begin exploring the world around you. You're free to wander the campuses, chat with staff and students, and experience a taste of university life at Deakin. With more than 550 courses on offer, we recommend you try to attend one or two of the many information sessions held throughout the day.

"The Lounge" at Open Day

Sunday, August 25, 2013 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (EST)

Melbourne Burwood Campus

Join us for a cup of coffee at "The Lounge", an informal and relaxing space where you can enjoy some refreshments, sit in one of many presentations geared towards those returning to study and speak to staff about undergraduate studies as a mature age student.

Find out more about "The Lounge" at Open Day

Parent Information Evenings

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm (EST)

Geelong Waterfront Campus

Every parent wants to help their child make good choices. Our Parent Information Evenings are a chance for you to find out about tertiary study, the application process and university life.

Find out more about Parent Information Evenings

Non-School Leaver VTAC Information Evening

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (EST)

Geelong Waterfront Campus

Thinking of starting, transferring or returning to study? Then come along to our Non-School Leaver VTAC information evening where you can speak directly to Deakin staff about courses, the VTAC application process and extra requirements, flexible study options and support services.

Discover Deakin

Monday, September 23, 2013 - Friday, September 27, 2013

Come and experience Deakin's campuses first-hand, hear from current students, and learn about the range of different study areas available.

At Deakin, we believe everyone should have the option to go to university. We offer scholarships in a variety of categories, ensuring higher education is accessible and achievable for all members of the community. Deakin offers scholarships for:

  • academic excellence
  • access and equity
  • accommodation
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
Find out more about scholarships and how to apply.

Important dates 2013-2014


24 July Parent Information Evening
Melbourne Burwood Campus, 6-8pm


4 August Deakin Open Day
Warrnambool Campus
  5 August VTAC and SEAS applications open (
  11 August Deakin Open Day
Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus
  11 August Deakin Open Day
Geelong Waterfront Campus
  25 August Deakin Open Day
Melbourne Burwood Campus


11 September Parent Information Evening
Geelong Waterfront Campus, 6-8pm
  11 September Non-School Leaver VTAC Information Evening
Geelong Waterfront Campus, 6-8pm
  23-27 September Discover Deakin
school holiday events
  27 September VTAC timely applications close (5pm)
  27 September VTAC late applications open (7pm)


8 October SEAS applications close
  19-20 October STAT sitting date Oct *


8 November VTAC late applications close (5pm)
  8 November VTAC very late applications open (7pm)
  23 November STAT sitting date Nov*


6 December VTAC personal statement submission closes (5pm)
  6 December VTAC very late applications close (5pm)
  16 December Results and ATARs are released

25 November - 23 December

  Change of Preference open


17 January Round one offers


6 February Round two offers

* Admission tests must be booked through VTAC. Please visit VTAC for booking dates.


Pathways are alternative ways that lead to your chosen Deakin degree. Many Deakin students come to university via our range of pathway options.

Deakin at your doorstep Choice of campuses Melbourne Institute of Business & Technology (MIBT) TAFE Pathways Credit for Prior Learning


The Associate Degree of Arts, Business and Sciences (Deakin at Your Doorstep) gives you the opportunity to gain entry into Deakin University and creates a pathway to your chosen degree, without the usual prerequisites. Deakin at Your Doorstep also enables you to study close to home in a supported learning environment.

The associate degree is a two-year, full-time (or part-time equivalent) course.

You can choose from a range of study areas or specialise in streams including arts, business, education, health or sciences.

This course is delivered at the Warrnambool Campus, the Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus, and in conjunction with our TAFE and community partners:

  • Advance TAFE (Bairnsdale Campus),
  • Chisholm Institute of TAFE (Dandenong and Mornington Peninsula Campuses),
  • Sunraysia Institute of TAFE (Swan Hill Campus),
  • GOTAFE (Wangaratta Campus) and
  • South West Institute of TAFE (Portland Campus).
  • Kangan Institute (Hume Global Learning Centre, Craigieburn)

Completion of the associate degree may give you up to 18 months credit towards your chosen Deakin bachelor degree (as approved by Deakin University).

For more information, please visit Deakin at Your Doorstep.


One of the great things about Deakin is that we have four campuses throughout Victoria - one in Burwood, two in Geelong, one in Warrnambool as well as the option to study off campus.

Many of our courses are offered at more than one campus and the ATAR required for each campus often differs, but the same high-quality degree is delivered no matter which campus you study at.

This provides you with more entry options and enables you to transfer your studies from one campus to another.

Did you know we have a Dandenong Learning Hub?

The hub offers students the option of studying online with special support, providing the flexibility to study at a time and location convenient to them, and fit study in with work and other commitments.


Melbourne Institute of Business and Technology (MIBT) is located at Deakin's Melbourne Burwood Campus, Geelong Waterfront Campus and Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus, allowing you the opportunity to gain access to Deakin's facilities and services and get involved in uni life.

Upon satisfactory completion of an MIBT diploma and subject to meeting University academic entrance criteria, domestic graduates from MIBT are eligible to apply for entry into the second year of the relevant Deakin University bachelor's degree. You can study in the areas of:

  • Commerce,
  • IT/computing,
  • Health Sciences,
  • Management,
  • Engineering,
  • Media and Communication, and
  • Science.

For more information, please visit

If you've completed a TAFE course at any institution you can apply to Deakin through VTAC. You may receive credit for your TAFE qualification if it is in a similar field to the Deakin course you want to study. In most cases this will reduce the number of units and/or time required to complete your Deakin qualification.

Plus, upon graduation you'll have not one, but two qualifications.

Deakin has four partner TAFEs:

Please note, TAFE qualifications obtained from other institutes may also be considered for application to Deakin.

more information?

Still haven't found what you're looking for? For more information, talk to us directly.

Phone: 1300 DEGREE   Email:
(1300 334 733)  
Phone: 1300 DEGREE
(1300 334 733)

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