Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning

The Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE) investigates improvements in higher education assessment in the context of a rapidly expanding digital environment. Led by Professor David Boud and Associate Professor Phillip Dawson, CRADLE's main role is to research assessment practices in the changing settings of education, which are increasingly embracing digital learning.

Informed by extensive research activity, CRADLE is working towards ensuring assessment is compatible with digital learning. Our work is making a significant and positive impact on digital courses, taking assessment practices to a whole new level.

Digital learning uses technology to support discipline-specific education. Appropriate assessment practices enhance our courses, student learning and translational assessment outcomes. This assumes that all assessment practices should be compatible with digital learning, and it's this objective that needs rigorous investigation. This investigation will challenge both theoretical and empirical research.

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Priority research areas

CRADLE integrates assessment theory, synthesis, translational assessment and digital enablement in the following priority research areas:

  • programmatic assessment
  • feedback dialogue/coherent assessment
  • assessment design (threats to integrity, use of peers and others in assessment, assessing without intrusion/distortion, learning analytics)
  • practice theory approaches.

We're currently working closely with Deakin Learning Futures, faculties, and Research for Educational Impact (REDI), as well as undertaking collaborative activities nationally and internationally.

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