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Research Planning Day

New Primary Classroom, Wed 18 February 2009

Facilitator: Professor Jill Blackmore


ARC Writing Workshop

Burwood Campus, Thurs 5 March 2009

Facilitator: Professor Jill Blackmore


Rural and Regional Education and Communities Forum

Deakin Management Centre, August 13-14 2009

Hosted by RREC


Educational Spaces, Places and Creativity Invitational Conference

Deakin Management Centre, August 19-21 2009

Hosted by CPLL


Writing Workshops

Burwood Campus, May - October 2009

Facilitated by: Emeritus Professor Barbara Kamler

Hosted by DERG


Seminar Series - 2009



Writing Forum - Hosted by STEME

Peppers the Sands Resort - December 2008


Writing Workshop - Hosted by EFI

Punt Hill Apartments, Burwood - November 2008

Facilitated by Pat Thomson and Barbara Kamler


Identity Workshop - Hosted by EFI

Punt Hill Apartments, Burwood - July 2008

Identity Workshop powerpoint presentations here


Forum - Hosted by STEME

- 'Charting futures for Science, ICT, Mathematics Education in Rural and Regional Victoria'

A forum sponsored by SiMERR Australia and the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
17 and 18 March 2008, Geelong Australia


Seminar Series - 2008




Institutional Ethnography Conference - Hosted by IIK
Contexts, Organisations & Texts: Institutional Ethnographers in Transnational Dialogue

Geelong Nov 20-22 2007

Keynote Speakers: Emeritus Professor Dorothy Smith & Professor Barbara Comber


Seminar Series - 2007



Burbules‘Rethinking the Virtual in Education’ Conference - Hosted by EFI

June, 2006

Conference with podcasts

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In the brave new worlds of tomorrow our lives are dominated by fantasies of the virtual - virtual selves in virtual communities, leading virtual lives. One central argument put forward by visiting eminent scholar Professor Nicholas Burbules is that we are already living the ‘virtual’. So what is the virtual? How do we experience it today, and what is its potential for transforming education in the 21st century?

Exploring these questions and more, the Educational Futures and Innovation RPA at Deakin University hosted a conference to ‘Rethink the Virtual in Education’. Over a day and half, the conference leading educational experts responded to Prof. Burbules, Prof. Fazal Rizvi’s presentation on the virtual in the context of networks and communities. Participants also responded to an overview of the new technologies and learning, which included presentations by Prof. Burbules on blogging and pedagogy, and Prof. Chris Bigum on the new generation world wide web, known colloquially as Web2. These presentations are available as podcasts (link above).

Professor Burbules is the Grayce Wicall Gauthier Professor, at the Department of Educational Policy Studies, College of Education, University of Illinois. He is an internationally renowned author on the impact of IT on education, whose books such as WATCH IT: The Risks and promises of Information Technologies on Education (2000, with Thomas Callister) brings a host of significant questions relating to the role of the Internet in scholarship and teaching. Professor’s Burbules is a philosopher of education, and brings this deep perspective to overlapping issues centred on globalisation and international education. His edited book Globalization and Education: Critical Perspectives (2000, with Carlos Torres) is a classic in the field as are a number of innovative publications and pedagogies on fostering international education. (For further information visit his website


Quality Learning across International Boundaries Symposium

Professor Shirley Grundy; Dr Sharifah Norhaidah; Dr Ian Robottom

May 2005, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang, Malaysia

This two-day symposium to be held at the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is focussed on establishing research links and a research agenda in Quality Learning across International Boundaries.  Symposium particicpants will engage the question:
"Within a specific context of cross-cultural postgraduate curricula, what are important quality learning considerations?" I

It is anticipated that examining cross-cultural curriculum will necessarily lead to a consideration of the traditional 'risks' of cross-cultural study, and perhaps enable more innovative (and maybe transformative) frameworks.

  • Research on Doctoral Education (RoDE)

26 - 27 April 2004

Convenors: Barbara Kamler, Terry Evans and Carmel Wilde

This conference brings together academics, doctoral students and others with research and scholarly interests in doctoral education to present and show case the latest research on 'quality' doctoral education. It aims also to contextualise Australian doctoral research in the wider international scene and to identify significant research themes and stimulate cross-institutional research partnerships


  • CHARTING FUTURES: A national forum to explore visions for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education

20-21 May 2004 Convenors: Russell Tytler, David Symington

There is increasing recognition at national and state levels of an impending crisis in mathematics, science and technology education. Insufficient numbers of young people choosing the 'enabling sciences' as career options, and a current and looming shortage of teachers in these areas, has spurred a range of government initiatives. There is related concern internationally with student attitudes to science and mathematics across the secondary school years and frequent criticism of conservative and unrepresentative curricula, and limited pedagogies. This Charting Futures forum, which has DEST support, will bring together professional leaders from a range of backgrounds, people from education systems across Australia, academics, and teachers and schools who have been grappling with innovation and are at the forefront of change. The forum aims to generate a set of principles and possible blueprints for ways forward, that will be capable of influencing policy and practice in science, mathematics and environmental education at state and national levels.


  • Learning from the margins: inclusion/exclusion, and the educational and social experiences of disadvantaged young women

12 July 2004

Convenors: Julie McLeod and Andrea Allard

School retention, transition, and young people's pathways are matters of considerable national and international policy concern. There is much research documenting broad patterns of gender and class differences in destinations and pathways, yet there remains relative few studies on the experiences of young people who do not 'succeed', who leave school early, who are designated as 'at risk', and who are alienated from education and/or work. In response to this context this conference will bring together leading Australian and international scholars working in the area of young women, marginalisation and educational and economic disadvantage to explore current and imaginative methodological and conceptual approaches to researching these urgent social and educational issues.

Learning from the Margins Conference papers here


  • Knowledge Producing Schools: a transformative agenda for schooling

26-28 November 2004 - Deakin University, Geelong.

Convenors: Chris Bigum and Leonie Rowan

In recognition of the complex demands of a 'knowledge society', a group of researchers and teachers throughout Australia have been working for the past three years on a range of projects brought together under the heading of the Knowledge Producing School (KPS) . Working with local community and doing research that is valued by and valuable to local interests, the knowledge producing school takes seriously the task of preparing students for a world in which knowledge and its production are increasingly important. This conference brings together established and new KPS sites to further undertanding of the value of this transformative approach to education, technology and 'the knowledge society' and aims to develop a shared research agenda for the future.


  • 2004 International Symposium on Quality Education

12 - 16 December, 2004 National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan

Convenors:  Prof Shirley Grundy and Prof Terry Evans

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