CREFI Executive Committee

The work of the Centre for Research in Educational Futures and Innovation is coordinated by the director and
supported by the Centre for Research in Educational Futures and Innovation Executive Committee:

Jill Blackmore Professor Jill Blackmore


Professor Russell Tytler Professor Russell Tytler

Deputy Director

Program Convenor: Science, mathematics, environmental and health education for sustainable communities

Professor Brenton Doecke Professor Brenton Doecke

Deputy Director (Partnerships and Engagement)


  Lisa Angelini

CREFI Coordinator

Lyn Harrison A/Prof Lyn Harrison

Associate Head of School (Research and Research Training)

Christine Ure Professor Christine Ure

Head of School of Education

Christine Halse Professor Christine Halse

Program Convenor: Pedagogy, Cultures & Professional Engagement

Trevor Gale Professor Trevor Gale

Program Convenor: Governance, policy and educational leadership in local and global contexts

vacant Co-opted member of the faculty vacant External co-opted member of the Deakin professoriate

CREFI International Advisory Board

The Executive Committee is supported by an international advisory board. This comprises of:

  • Professor Peter Goodyear, University of Sydney
  • Professor Yin Cheong Cheng, Hong Kong Institute of Education
  • Professor Alison Jones, University of Auckland
  • Professor Peter Renshaw, University of Queensland
  • Professor Sharon Chen, National Taiwan Normal University
  • Professor Laurence Simonneaux, ENFA Toulouse

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