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Performing and reforming leaders: gender, educational restructuring, and organizational change
By Jill Blackmore, Judyth Sachs
Published by SUNY Press, 2007
ISBN 0791470318, 9780791470312
310 pages

Explores the issues inherent in critical and postmodern feminism in educational leadership.


Teaching Values...

Teaching Values
By Leonie Rowan, Primary English Teaching Association (Australia)
Published by Primary English Teaching Association, 2007
ISBN 1875622691, 9781875622696
112 pages

Teaching Values has been designed to support teachers to introduce the Nine Values for Australian Schooling (Australian Government 2005) to their students and to build on the work that they and their schools do in the name of values education. It does not set out to be the definitive text rather it contributes to the current and historical discourse in this area by providing a unique approach to this complex area of the school curriculum. Using a range of texts sourced from collections held by the National Museum of Australia the book uses textual analysis as an approach to teaching values.


Re-imagining Science Education: Engaging Students in Science for Australia's Future
By Russell Tytler, Acer Press Staff, Carolyn Glascodine, Australian Council for Educational Research
Published by ACER Press, 2007
ISBN 0864317255, 9780864317254
77 pages

Science education in Australia, as in other post-industrial countries, is in a state of crisis. The
language of crisis is used by government, industry and educators alike to describe the diminishing
proportion of students in the post-compulsory years who are undertaking science-related
studies, particularly in the physical sciences. In itself this might not be such an issue, except
that this flight from science is occurring in societies that are in increasing need of science and
technology-based professionals to carry the nation into a technologically driven future. It is the
pipeline into this pool of expertise that seems in danger of drying up. The concern is thus largely
economic, but as this review will point out, the issue is wider than this, and encompasses the
need to maintain a citizenry that is literate in and well disposed towards science.


Self-Assessment Manual for Early Childhood Students and Professionals + Programming and Planning in Early Childhood
By Leonie Arthur, Bronwyn Beecher, Bridie Raban, Andrea Nolan
Published by Cengage Learning Australia, 2007
ISBN 0170992500, 9780170992503

Gender and IT: Ongoing Challenges for Computing and Information Technology Education in Australian Secondary Education
By Margaret Vickers, Trinh Ha, Leonie Rowan, Julianne Lynch, Toni Downes, Catherine Harris
Edition: illustrated
Published by Common Ground, 2007
ISBN 1875864571, 9781875864577
164 pages

Gender and IT: Ongoing challenges for Computing and Information Technology education in Australian secondary schools brings together a diverse group of scholars to address critical questions about the decline in enrolments in computing and information technology (CIT) subjects at the school level, and the long-standing problem of the under representation of girls in CIT education. Drawing on data from three Australian states, the authors analyse current curriculum structures, pedagogical practices, school contexts and student and teacher beliefs, in order to interrogate how CIT as a curriculum area is socially constructed, and how this construction is gendered.


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Supervising Doctorates Downunder: Keys to Effective Supervision in Australia and New Zealand
By Carey Denholm, Terry D Evans, Tony Evans
Edition: illustrated
Published by Aust Council for Ed Research, 2007
ISBN 0864314302, 9780864314307
272 pages


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Learning from the Margins: Young Women, Social Exclusion and Education
By Julie McLeod, Andrea C. Allard
Edition: illustrated
Published by Routledge, 2007
ISBN 0415411335, 9780415411332
193 pages

This collection of ground-breaking international essays address the educational, social, work and biographical experiences of young women who are routinely constructed as ‘at risk’ and on the margins. Drawing on research from an international range of scholars, this book brings together important new perspectives on the gendered dimensions of social exclusion and educational marginalisation. It offers practitioners as well as researchers insights into how to ‘research’ social marginalisation and reflections on projects and programmes that have attempted to do so. Chapters investigate key topics such as:

  • early school leaving
  • indigenous young women and schooling
  • pregnant and parenting young women at school
  • constructions of health, subjectivity and social class
  • the politics of ethnicity.

Provocative and insightful, this book will make interesting reading to students and post-graduate students of education, youth studies, gender studies, sociology and social work.


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Handbook of Teacher Education: Globalization, Standards and Professionalism in Times of Change
By Tony Townsend, Richard J. Bates
Published by Springer, 2007
ISBN 1402047738, 9781402047732

This book provides an international review of the current state of teacher education, with chapters from an international group of teacher educators. It focuses on major issues that are confronting teacher educators now and in the next decade. These include the impact of globalization on the profession of teaching, and how teacher education must deal with changing accountability requirements from governments and establish a set of minimum standards acceptable to enable a person to teach. The work also considers aspects of the three major phases of teacher education: the period prior to commencing in the profession, successful induction into the profession, and the ongoing professional development of teachers. Finally, it identifies ways in which new technologies can be used to improve the training and ongoing development of teachers. Cases from different countries are used to provide a rich base of data to help us understand how the profession is moving onwards.



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