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Cyber security is a hot topic globally. Doing business and communicating online is central to the society we live in, so it’s more important than ever that the data and systems providing digital services are safeguarded by ethical and skilled cyber security professionals. You'll gain knowledge and understanding of challenges faced and concepts and practices to identify, diagnose and resolve these.

It was one of the only universities in Victoria that offered a cyber security degree. It also offered the Cisco CCNA certification, which is like gold to future employers.

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Cyber security student

Modern, relevant courses

By studying cyber security, you’ll have the skills needed by all companies today. Our courses are industry-specific, so you study issues important to business – like implementing security technologies to protect against hackers or credit card fraud.

Why Deakin?

By studying cyber security at Deakin you’ll gain sound knowledge and understanding of threats and challenges, and the concepts and practices applied in cyber security. 

You’ll also become skilled in identifying, diagnosing, analysing and handling the challenges of:

  • computer crime and digital forensics
  • evaluating software for security vulnerabilities
  • designing secure databases
  • securing operating systems
  • performing risk assessments
  • integrating security requirements into new developments
  • designing secure network architectures
  • assessing and reinforcing the security of websites
  • responding to cyber security incidents.

Cyber security courses

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The School of Information Technology aims to benefit society by generating new fundamental knowledge, training tomorrow's technology leaders and advancing industry technologies to maintain a competitive edge. Our research develops your skills and, with our expert staff supervising you, you'll be on the right path to a successful career.

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Recent Deakin research

Trends in crime toolkit development

Cybercriminals continue to target online bank users. They're improving their techniques and using high levels of skill in their attacks. Their continued search for different methods to commit crime makes existing protection systems less effective. They have developed crime toolkits, which have become more accessible and simpler to use, and this has attracted more cybercriminals to cybercrime. 

A. Khraisait et al. study the methods that are used in crime toolkits. They present the development and current trend of crime toolkits and reveal the methods that have been used to commit cybercrime successfully.

Industry connections

Industry experience in every IT degree

Every IT student at Deakin has an opportunity to do a work placement or internship, where you can apply your learning and gain sought-after industry-specific experience. Working within the professional work environment gives you the chance to experience what work life is like after your degree, develop professional networks and explore career opportunities, all while gaining credit towards your degree. 

Cyber Security Experience

In partnership with Deakin, the Optus Cyber Security Experience is available to interested secondary school students and teachers in Australia. It provides an opportunity to test your knowledge and skills, and to explore career opportunities in cyber security through an interactive, self-guided experience led by top Optus staff. 

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Our courses are professionally accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS), so your degree will be recognised by industry, which in turn helps you stand out to future employers.

Career opportunities

Following on from your undergraduate degree, you could find employment in one of the following roles:

  • business analyst
  • consultant
  • cryptographer
  • information security auditor
  • IT security engineer
  • law enforcement
  • project manager
  • security analyst
  • security system developer or programmer
  • security system manager.

What do our students and staff say?

IT security @ Deakin

Over the last decade, cyber security issues have attracted enormous attention, both in terms of every day issues such as internet banking through to cyberterrorism and cyberwarfare. If you're interested in tackling cybercrime and cyber security head-on, then studying IT security at Deakin is a great place to start.

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