World-class research

Our mission is to carry out cutting-edge research and research training, and produce research outcomes with a high level of innovation and engagement. The school’s research is conducted across three research themes and comprises three research centres and one strategic research centre.

Our research themes

Smart data-driven world

Enabling and understanding the world driven by the pervasive generation and use of big data is the focus of this research.

Creating future digital technologies

Our research aims to create and develop future digital technologies that will deliver benefits across the economy and society.


Advancing technologies and practices to protect enterprises, government and society against unauthorised access to data centres and other computerised systems is the focus of our research.

Our strategic research centre

Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation

The Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation (CSRI) undertakes multi-disciplinary research focussed on the technology, business, human, legal and policy aspects of cybersecurity. We develop cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies, provide thought leadership to inform legal and strategic policy directions and work closely with industry, business and government to proactively respond to emerging cyber security threats.

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Our research centres

Centre for Software, Systems and Society

The Centre for Software, Systems and Society (CSSS) conducts fundamental and applied research for the specification, creation, evaluation and efficient operation of innovative, software-supported systems.

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Data to Intelligence Research Centre

The Data to Intelligence Research Centre (D2I) conducts world class research involving all processes starting with data and ending with intelligence. We solve fundamental and practical problems for data, data modelling, complex networks and decision making, based on advanced data science, mathematics and machine learning.

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Centre for Internet of Things ECOsystems Research and Experimentation

The Centre for Internet of Things Ecosystem Research and Experimentation (CITECORE) carries out world-leading multidisciplinary collaborative Internet of Things (IoT) focused fundamental and applied research in partnership with government, industry and the community to create demonstrable innovations and intellectual property.

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Interested in research-level study?

Information technology is an essential tool for innovation and productivity across a wide range of sectors. With a thriving industry at the very centre of the way we work, research studies in the field will open you up to a diverse range of career opportunities.

Keen to get started with postgraduate study, but need a supervisor? We can help you find someone suitable across our mix of disciplines:

  • applied mathematics
  • applied robotics
  • artificial intelligence
  • data analytics
  • distributed systems
  • cognitive science
  • cyber security
  • computer science
  • graph theory
  • human-computer interaction
  • interactive media design
  • Internet of Things
  • IT services
  • IT strategy and management
  • mobile and apps development
  • networking
  • optimisation
  • software engineering
  • virtual reality and augmented reality.

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