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Appealing an exclusion/restriction on enrolment

appeal form (230 KB) 
The University Appeals Committee considers written submissions from students who are appealing a decision by a Faculty Academic Progress and Discipline Committee or School Academic Progress Committee relating to an exclusion from their course or a restriction on enrolment, on the following grounds only:

  • There is new mitigating evidence which the student was not reasonably able to present at the show cause hearing that may have affected the final decision of the Faculty Academic Progress and Discipline Committee or School Academic Progress Committee had it been available at the time
  • There was a misapplication of procedures resulting in some disadvantage to the student 
  • Having regard to the evidence before the Faculty or School Committee, the penalty imposed was too severe.

You need to complete the appeal application form which was attached to your Faculty/School show cause outcome letter. Clearly address one or more of the above grounds for appeal and provide a written submission together with evidence to support your claims for each of the grounds you choose.

Make sure that you submit your completed application by the deadline specified in your show cause outcome letter. You have seven (7) days from the date of your show cause outcome letter to lodge your completed application to the University Appeals Committee. You may wish to use the sample letter attached to your appeal application form to write your submission.
If you need assistance with your appeal, you should seek advice and support from the Deakin University Student Association (DUSA).  DUSA are able to assist you to prepare a quality submission, ensure that all relevant documentation is provided to support your case and can guide you on the relevant university policy and processes. Find out how to ‘Get Support’.

What you need to do

You are required to submit the relevant appeal form together with a written submission and evidence that supports your claim.

  • Exceptional circumstances may include, but are not limited to: the passing away of a loved one, illness, accidents, family problems etc.
  • Supporting evidence may include, but is not limited to: statutory declarations, medical certificates and reports, police reports, etc.

If the University Appeals Committee accepts your appeal application, and that exceptional circumstances existed, you will be notified of a date, time and place for a hearing. 



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21st March 2012