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Academic progress - Documentation


Faculty Academic Progress and Discipline Committee / School Academic Progress Committee

  • Application form for Faculty/School Show Cause

If your show cause application is late:

  • Application form for Faculty/School Late Show Cause Submission

University Appeals Committee

  • Notice of Appeal against exclusion from course, restriction on enrolment
    appeal form (230 KB)

    If you are appealing automatic exclusion or a late show cause decision:

  • Notice of Appeal against automatic exclusion and refusal to accept late show cause submission
    appeal form (298 KB)

    If your Notice of Appeal to the UAC is late:

  • Notice of Late Appeal
    appeal form (233 KB)

Sample written submissions are attached to each of these forms for your convenience.

Written submissions

When provided with a proposal by the Faculty Academic Progress and Discipline Committee or School Academic Progress Committee, you have the opportunity to:

  1. accept the proposal in writing or
  2. show cause as to why you think their proposal in respect of your academic progress should be reconsidered. Academic progress: Invitation to show cause and show cause hearings.

In your written submission, outline why you have been unsuccessful to date, any mitigating factors and steps you have taken to address your academic performance.

This should include:

  • Information about why you have been unsuccessful to date, including any mitigating factors
  • Supporting documentation (see below)
  • What you have done to address the issue –undertaking workshops/training, getting support from student services, etc.
  • The changes you have made so it will not happen again
  • Up-to-date contact details and ensure that your contact details have also been updated on Student Connect

If you decide to ‘show cause’ you are strongly advised to seek advice and support from the Deakin University Student Association (DUSA).  DUSA are able to assist you to prepare a quality submission, ensure that all relevant documentation is provided to support your case and can guide you on the relevant university policy and processes. Find out how to ‘Get Support’.

Supporting documentation

During the process of dealing with unsatisfactory academic progress, you may need to provide evidence of a number of claims that support your written submission.

Depending on your circumstances, supporting evidence may include, but is not limited to:

  • Medical certificates
  • Death notices
  • Police reports
  • Statutory declarations
  • Courses or activities undertaken to improve your performance



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21st March 2012