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Academic progress - Show cause hearings

Faculty Academic Progress Committee and School Academic Progress Committee hearings follow the Faculty Committees and University Appeals Committee, Academic Progress Hearings: Rules of procedure

If you request the opportunity to appear at a hearing it is useful for you to review the Rules of procedure before you attend so that you understand the process.

You are allowed to take an accompanying person of your choice with you and can expect the following:

  • The committee members will take time to read your application before the meeting and to reflect on whether there are compelling grounds to alter their decision.
  • The committee will talk to you about the factors that may have influenced your academic progress. If you have provided a written submission, they may specifically address the issues you have raised in that submission.
  • The committee will provide time for you to respond and to present your case, and any additional information that you wish to provide.
  • You will then be asked to leave the hearing while the committee deliberates.
  • You may be called back into the hearing to receive the committee’s decision.
  • If the committee requires more time to make a decision, it will inform you.

You will also be notified in writing within 5 days of the decision being made.

You will be advised that you can appeal to the University Appeals Committee and that you have 7 working days from the date on the Faculty or School outcome letter to respond with a completed appeal application form, a written submission addressing the grounds for your appeal and any supporting documentation that you wish the committee to consider.

Remember that more weight is given to claims you make if you are able to substantiate your grounds for appeal with written independent evidence (supporting documentation).

All documentation and information you provide is strictly confidential and it is important that you strengthen your chance of success by providing all relevant information or documentation that supports your case to continue in your studies.

Do you require special assistance?

If you have a disability or require special assistance to access and/or attend hearings, please let the Faculty Academic Progress and Discipline Committee or School Academic Progress Committee know. They will make any reasonable adjustments to accommodate your needs.

What you should do

  • Check Deakin email regularly, and check your postal address
  • Download rules of procedure
  • Attend the hearing – follow the instructions and note time and date and venue

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21st March 2012