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Academic progress - the process in brief - what to do?

If you meet the criteria for unsatisfactory progress, there is a clear process that is followed by all Faculties and Schools across the University. Find out what you should do at each step of the process by clicking the links in the table below.

Faculty or School warning You may receive a letter from your Faculty or School warning you that your progress is unsatisfactory.
Faculty or School letter proposing a restriction on your enrolment

The Faculty may propose some restrictions on your enrolment, or may require you to complete specific units and pass these. You will be invited to make a written submission to the Faculty or School Committee and attend a show cause hearing.

Faculty or School letter proposing an automatic exclusion With ongoing unsatisfactory progress, or if you have not been able to comply with the actions proposed in earlier stages, the Faculty or School may propose that you be excluded, or automatically excluded, from your studies for a period of time.
Invitation to show cause If you have received a proposal to exclude, you have the opportunity to submit a show cause application. The Faculty or School will invite you attend a show cause hearing to consider your show cause application.
Late show cause applications If you have missed the deadline to show cause as a result of exceptional circumstances beyond your control, there is a late application process.
Faculty or School show cause hearing If you decide to attend a show cause hearing, you have the opportunity to meet with the Faculty or School and demonstrate why your progress has been unsatisfactory and what you have done or are planning to do about it.
Faculty or School decision

The Faculty or School may provide you with a decision at the end of your hearing. You will receive an outcome letter within 5 working days of the date of the decision.

University Appeals Committee If you are not satisfied with the Faculty or School decision, you may be able to appeal that decision to the University Appeals Committee (UAC). The UAC hears appeals against academic progress decisions by the Faculties or Schools on specific grounds only. You must make a written submission to the Committee that addresses specific grounds for appeal. If the UAC accepts your appeal application, you will be notified of a date, time and venue for your hearing.
Further Options Find out about returning after exclusion and how to contact the Ombudsman Victoria.

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21st March 2012