Human nutrition - postgraduate

The career opportunities for graduates from the Human Nutrition Postgraduate courses are diverse both in terms of job titles and employment settings and are underpinned by your areas of interest and past experience.

Our graduates have secured employment in diverse occupations and professions across a wide range of organisations.

After completing these courses, you will be qualified as a nutritionist and well prepared to undertake professional roles in private industry, government and non-government organisations across an exciting range of areas.

The career outcomes will depend upon your undergraduate training, postgraduate training and skills you offer.

As the awareness of the importance of good nutrition and the need for qualified Nutritionists is rising, the types of careers Nutritionists gain employment in will also change. Although we have listed several areas and types of positions for Nutritionists, there is scope for careers in nutrition within other areas.   For example, a Nutrition Adviser in pharmacies or as a sale agent for vitamin/nutrition related products.

Where are the main employment sectors?

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