Professional associations

Professional associations can also have job boards for members only, therefore it is worth enquirying about reduced rates for students whilst keeping informed about trends and information in your industry.

Joining your relevant professional association provides you with:

* latest industry information
* labour market information
* industry and graduate jobs listings
* E-newsletters
* opportunity for a professional listing on their website
* career information
* on-line discussion forums
* events, workshop and professional development and training seminars
* use of their libraries and bookshops
* E-learning opportunities
* subscriptions to professional resources, journals and other publications
* current information on policy and other developments affecting your industry
* the opportunity to start developing a professional network

Most professional associations offer a range of services and information essential to your professional development. Joining as a student member will give you the edge once you start seeking graduate positions, and membership looks great on your resume. Student membership is often relatively inexpensive as professional associations recognise students are operating on limited budgets.

Some professional associations also offer student members opportunities for:
* mentoring
* vacation work programs
* study tips and assistance
* employer profiles
Log on to your relevant professional association website today and join up as a student member.

Propressional associations:
Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology
The Public Health Association of Australia
The Nutrition Society of Australia
The Dietitians Association of AustraliaNutrition Australia Australian and New Zealand Obesity Association
Australian Health Promotion Association

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