Study abroad and exchange fees

Before applying to study at Deakin, you should talk to the study abroad office at your home institution. You may be advised to apply directly to Deakin, apply through your home institution’s study abroad office or through a representative. Depending upon the option that you select, the costs and services will vary.

Applying directly to Deakin

If you’re advised to apply directly to Deakin as a study abroad student, there are set fees you’ll be required to pay.

Tuition fees for 2017 are:

  • Four units – A$9540 per trimester

    Three units – A$7155 per trimester

Tuition fees for 2018 are:

  • Four units – A$9820 per trimester
  • Three units – A$7365 per trimester.

Note that tuition fees are likely to increase annually. Fees include tuition, airport reception and transfer upon arrival, ongoing student support and an academic transcript upon completion of your study.

These fees don’t include overseas student health cover, accommodation, travel, books or general living costs. The study abroad tuition fee is a flat fee, regardless of the number of units taken.

Read Deakin’s fees and refund policy

Overseas student health cover

In addition to tuition fees, overseas student health cover (OSHC) for 2017 is around A$350 per trimester.

OSHC is a compulsory Australian Government fee that covers basic medical and hospital care for incoming international students. 

Failure to have continuous cover for the duration of your visa (as well as for any dependents you might be bringing to Australia) might result in your visa being cancelled. 

Students must make their first OSHC payment prior to being granted a student visa. Please note that some Belgian, Norwegian and Swedish students may be covered by health insurance provided by their governments and, as such, do not have to take out OSHC. 

Contact us for more information and advice about OSHC.

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