DeakinSync and CloudDeakin

This infographic reports on the usage and performance of DeakinSync, CloudDeakin, Echo and eLive/BBCollaborate during Trimester 1, 2014.


Cloud Learning Systems Dashboard - T1 2014


DeakinSync gives students a personal portal to relevant University resources, customised to their specific needs.

It gives students direct access to their units in CloudDeakin and they can top up their student cards, create and share documents, follow news on selected people and topics, and connect using Lync — all within a seamless digital environment.

DeakinSync was launched for current students in late 2013, with alumni, prospective students and staff to follow.

See all the information from when it was launched: DeakinSync and CloudDeakin 2014: the next step forward

If you want to know more visit, please visit DeakinSync or CloudDeakin

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