Our Campuses are increasingly open to the University community and the general public on a 24/7 basis.  Deakin's Security Services assist in making our campuses safe and welcoming environments by:

  • Promoting good personal safety and security practices
  • Effectively undertaking patrols, alarm monitoring and CCTV surveillance
  • Responding rapidly to security incidents, emergency situations and threat concerns

Security Officers

Security Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are based at all campuses.

These officers are easily identified by their uniforms which display the Deakin Security badge.

Deakin Security Officer's prime responsibilities are:

  • Security of persons lawfully engaged in campus activities
  • Protection of University property and facilities
  • Responding to incidents that impact the University
  • Providing after-hours emergency assistance and first aid
  • Enforcement of parking regulations and patrolling campuses
  • Providing a visible presence to assure students and staff of a safe workplace, and to deter offenders

All Deakin's Security Officers are licensed and trained in accordance with Deakin's policy and procedures.  If you are ever in doubt of the authenticity of a Security Officer, you should ask to see their identification.

If the Security Office is unattended contact security officers on the appropriate contact number listed on this page.

Security Office locations

See Campus Maps link for more details.

Security Escorts

This is a free 24/7 service and can be booked by contacting Security on the appropriate contact numbers listed on this page or on our Emergency and Crisis Information page. We recommended that you call Security at least 10 minutes prior to the requested time. You may also use the Help button on the Deakin Safezone App to speak to a guard to arrange an escort.

Deakin Security recommends you avoid walking alone on campus at night. Walking around campus at night is no different to walking at night in any city, town or suburb. Parking your vehicle close to the centre of campus from 4.30 pm onwards will also help. Parking regulations in general parking zones are relaxed from 4.30 pm onwards.

Reporting Security Incidents

In  a medical emergency you should first call 000 and then contact Security. Security Officers will assist and meet the ambulance on arrival.

Police are welcome on all Deakin campuses. 

  • All criminal offences should be reported to Deakin Security.
  • All criminal offences are to be reported to the Victorian Police. Security can assist you in doing this.
  • please report all suspicious and threatening behaviour or instances to Security.

Incidents can be reported by contacting Security on the appropriate contact numbers listed on this page or on our Emergency and Crisis Information page, security staff will then complete an incident report form. All incident reports are forwarded to the Security Manager, Campus Services Division who will investigate further. All records are kept strictly confidential and any external reporting involves aggregate data only.

Contact us

Security Control Room
(All campuses) 1800 062 579 1800 062 579

Melbourne Burwood Campus03 9244 6222 03 9244 6222

Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus 03 5227 2222 03 5227 2222

Geelong Waterfront Campus 03 5227 8222 03 5227 8222

Warrnambool Campus 03 5563 3222 03 5563 3222

From Internal Phone
(All campuses) 0 1800 062 579 0 1800 062 579

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