The Psychiatric Health Strategic Research Centre has active researchers in a number of areas spanning psychiatric health, lifestyle as a risk factor for the development of psychiatric disorders, prevention of psychiatric disorders, medical comorbidity of mood and anxiety, biomarkers of risk for psychiatric disorders, and other areas.

Centre Director

Professor Michael Berk - Chair in Psychiatry

Research staff

Jane Meier- Personal Assistant to Professor Berk
Associate Professor Felice Jacka
- Associate Professor (Research)
Associate Professor Julie Pasco
- Clinical Associate Professor
Dr Sharon Brennan - Senior Clinical Lecturer
Dr Seetal Dodd- Senior Clinical Lecturer
Dr Livia Sanna - Senior Clinical Lecturer
Amanda Stuart - Research Fellow
Dr Olivia Dean
- Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Adrienne O'Neil - Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Lana Williams - Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Lesley Berk - PhD student
Carolyn Coulson - PhD student
Dr Frank Giorlando - PhD student
Amie Hayley - PhD student
Siobhan Housden - PhD student
Sue Lauder - PhD student
Shae Quirk - PhD student
Kristi-Ann Villagonzalo - PhD student
Venugopal Kamalesh - Statistician
Amelia Dobbins - Research Assistant
Emma Gliddon - Research Assistant
Shikha Markanday - Research Assistant
Mandy McPhee - Research Assistant

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