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Deakin’s School of Medicine has a large team that includes a leadership team, academics, researchers and professional staff. The school is based at our Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus. Find a staff member, take a look through their profiles and read all about their most recent publications.

Meet the Dean of the School of Medicine

Professor Gary D Rogers is a health professions educational leader, public health researcher and GP with a focus on HIV medicine. He commenced as Professor and Dean of the School of Medicine at Deakin University in 2020.

We really encourage people from a wide range of backgrounds – who might not even have thought it would be possible for them to become a health professional – to consider studying with us.

Professor Gary D Rogers

Dean of Medicine, School of Medicine

Key contacts

Professor Gary Rogers, Dean of School, School of Medicine

Professor Alex Gentle, Deputy Head of School

Sarah Tomlinson, School Manager

Associate Professor Nicole Mercer, Associate Head of School (Indigenous Strategy)

Associate Professor Janet McLeod, Associate Head of School (Learning & Teaching)

Professor John Stambas, Associate Head of School (Research)

Professor Vin Versace, Director of Deakin Rural Health

Alfred Deakin Professor Michael Berk, Director of IMPACT

Associate Professor Tim Walker, Director of the Damion Drapac Centre

Associate Professor Lara Fuller, Director of Rural Medical Education and Director of Rural Community Clinical School

Associate Professor Cameron Shaw, Director of Regional and Urban Medical Education and Director of Rural Community Clinical School

Lisha Jerome, Executive Assistant

Course directors

Richard Mansfield, Medical Imaging Course Director

Professor James Armitage, Optometry Course Director

Dr Karen D’Souza, MD Course Director

Study with us

Deakin’s School of Medicine empowers students, staff and partners to work toward positive change.

Academic staff

Agricultural health

Jacquie Cotton, Lecturer in Rural Health

Alison Kennedy, Director, National Centre for Farmer Health


Jeffrey Craig, Professor in Epigenetics and Cell Biology

Amardeep Dhillon, Associate Professor in Biomedical Sciences

Wei Duan, Alfred Deakin Professor

Roey Elnathan, Senior Lecturer, Biomedicine

Liza Raymond, Teaching Scholar, Medical Biotechnology, Infection and Immunity

Rasika Samarasinghe, Lecturer

Sarah Shigdar, Associate Professor, Medical Science

Craig Smith, Senior Lecturer, Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Garth Stephenson, Lecturer in Medical Biotechnology, Infection and Immunity

Richard Williams, Associate Professor

Centre for Organisational Change in Person-Centred Healthcare (OCPH)

Meg Chiswell, Deputy Director, OCPH

Peter Martin, Professor of Communication and End of Life Care

Damion Drapac Centre

Tim Walker, Associate Professor and Director

Laura Gray, Deputy Director

MBA healthcare management

Imran Muhammad, Lecturer

Sandeep Reddy, Director, MBA (Healthcare Management)

Margaret Way, Clinical Governance Director

Medical Imaging

Abubakar Abubakar, Lecturer, Medical Imaging Practice and Clinical Learning

Saba Ansari, Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Imaging - Clinical Studies and Clinical Practice

James Bainbridge, Lecturer, Medical Imaging and Clinical Practice

Philip Brough, Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Imaging - Ultrasound Specialisation

Carl Jennings, Senior Lecturer, Medical Imaging Ultrasound Specialist

Richard Mansfield, Medical Imaging Course Director

Amy McWilliam, Lecturer, Clinical Learning

Gail Powe, Lecturer

Matthew Retallack, Associate Lecturer, Foundation Principles of Medical Imaging

Peter Riley, Senior Lecturer, Diagnostic Imaging and Medical Physics

Jodie Ringin, Senior, Lecturer In Diagnostic Imaging - Clinical Studies and Clinical Practice

Gregory Van Egmond, Lecturer in Foundation Principles of Medical Imaging


Larry Abel, Associate Professor, Visual Function

Lucy Ainge, Lecturer

James Armitage, Optometry Course Director

Serap Azizoglu, Lecturer, Optometric Clinical Skills and Head, Dispensing Program

Simon Backhouse, Senior Lecturer in Vision Science

Madeline Baker, Associate Lecturer

Emily Bear, Lecturer

Dipesh Bhattarai, Lecturer, Optometry and Vision Science

Luke Chong, Lecturer in Optometry and Vision Science

Heather Connor, Head of Optometric Clinical Placements

Dilani Dewage Dona, Lecturer in Optometric Clinical Skills

Amanda Douglass, Lecturer in Optometry and Vision Science

Colin Gafan, Lecturer

Moneisha Gokhale, Lecturer in Optometric Clinical Skills

Kerryn Hart, Lecturer, Optometry

Carol Hinch, Teaching Scholar (Optometry)

Nick Hockley, Lecturer in Optometric Clinical Skills

Alexandra Jaworski, Head of Optometric Clinical Skills

Christopher Law, Teaching Scholar (Optometry)

Alissa Maillet, Lecturer in Optometry and Vision Science

Menaka Malavita Mohottalalage, Lecturer

Steven Maskell, Officer for Optometric Business Partnerships and Education

Ereeny Mikhail, Lecturer In Optometry

Linda Robinson, Head of Assessment, Clinical Optometry

Davut Ulusoy, Lecturer

Natalie Watt, Lecturer, Optometry

Hayley Way, Lecturer, Optometry

Ryan Wood-Bradley, Lecturer in Vision Science


Kate Kloot, Senior Lecturer, Advanced Clinical Practice


Glenn Guest, Epworth Geelong Chair in Surgery

Sonal Nagra, Senior Lecturer in Rural General Surgery

Richard Page, Professor St John of God and Barwon Health, Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery

Douglas Stupart, Associate Professor of Surgery

David Watters, Alfred Deakin Professor and Chair in Surgery


Kathryn Aston-Mourney, Senior Lecturer in Human Biology

Eugene Athan, Professor, Infectious Diseases

Tim Baker, Director Centre Rural Emergency Medicine

Debbie Baldi, Senior Lecturer, Medical Science and Clinical Practice

Jessica Beattie, Lecturer in Rural General Practice (Program Development and Support)

Colin Bell, Professor of Public Health

Nigel Bellears, Clinical Skills Instructor

Kellie Britt, Lecturer in Simulation and Clinical Skills

Leanne Britton, Lecturer, Clinical Skills

Tamara Browne, Senior Lecturer, Health Ethics, Law And Professional Development

Lisa Calafiore, Clinical Skills Instructor

Neil Coffee, Associate Professor, Health Geography

Penny Cotton, Medical Educator

Jacinta Crawley, Associate Lecturer, Anatomy

Brendan Condon, Deputy Director of Clinical Studies & Senior Lecturer, Medical Education

Alex Dawe, Clinical Skills Lead

Timothy Deane-Freeman, Lecturer, Health Ethics and Professionalism

Helen Doyle, Lecturer in Clinical Skills

Karen D'Souza, MD Course Director

Jane Duffy, Senior Lecturer in Health Ethics, Law and Professionalism

Tahnee Dunlop, Deputy Director, Centre for Rural Emergency Medicine

Nicole Farrell, Senior Lecturer, Academic General Practice

Cynthia Forlini, Senior Lecturer

Marguerite Fulton, Deputy Director, Geelong Clinical School

Sue Garner, Clinical School Director and Clinical Skills Senior Lecturer

Duminda Gunawardane, Regional Academic Coordinator

Stephen Giggins, Clinical Skills Educator

Matt Hall, Clinical Skills Educator

Vanessa Hartnell, Lecturer, Clinical Skills

Sarah Hosking, Lecturer In Public Health Medicine

Estelle Houlihan, Clinical Skills Educator

Mark Johnson, Deputy Director, Rural Community Clinical School

Diana Joseph, Clinical Skills Instructor

Greg Kowalski, Senior Lecturer

Eldon Lyon, Senior Lecturer, Rural Medical Education General Practice

Malik Quasir Mahmood, Lecturer in Pathology

Thomas Majer, Senior Lecturer, Medical Education

Dominique Martin, Associate Professor of Health Ethics and Professionalism

Erik Martin, Lecturer in Public Health

Kate McCloskey, Medical Director of Simulation Senior Lecturer

Bryony McNeill, Senior Lecturer, Medical Science

Rebekah McWhirter, Senior Lecturer in Health Ethics Law and Professionalism

Cailin Mellberg, Teaching Scholar, Anatomy

Barry Morphett, Director of Clinical Studies and Director of Western Victoria Regional Training Hub

Heather Morrison, Teaching Scholar, Pathology

Katina Mullett, Lecturer, Indigenous Health

Shobhana Nambiar E K, Senior Lecturer, Clinical Medicine

Neil Orford, Associate Professor in Intensive Care Medicine

Anita Phillips, Academic Support Program Lead

Jodi Phillips, Lecturer in Indigenous Health

Mike Pickavance, Senior Lecturer

Pieter Pretorius, Regional Academic Coordinator, Grampians

Vivienne Ramsbottom, Senior Lecturer, Medical Education

Leni Rivera, Senior Lecturer

Aidan Roberts, Teaching Scholar

Danielle Robinson, Regional Academic Coordinator

Gemma Rossiter, Clinical Skills Instructor

Pam Rufus-Membere, Lecturer in Public Health Medicine

Jacqueline Savard, Senior Lecturer, Health Ethics, Law and Professionalism

Elyse Stevens, Senior Lecturer, Clinical Medicine

Kate Stotskaia, Senior Lecturer

Monica Tembo, Associate Lecturer

Jessy Vibin, Lecturer

Alex Wakeley, Associate Lecturer, Indigenous Health

Deborah Whitley, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Studies (Pathology)

Mark Yates, Associate Professor in Aged Care, Rehabilitation & Palliative Care

Affiliate academics

Deakin confers affiliate academic titles on externally-employed health professionals who contribute to Faculty of Health teaching and research outcomes. A number of affiliate academics support the School of Medicine through teaching, curriculum development, clinical supervision and research collaboration.

Meet our School of Medicine affiliate academics

Our research

Deakin’s School of Medicine research aims to improve the world's health and wellbeing. Our world-class researchers, facilities and networks will kick-start your research career.

Research staff

Hajara Abdus Samad, Dean's Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Jessie Adams, Associate Research Fellow

Laura Alston, Research Fellow

Kara Anderson, Associate Research Fellow

Melanie Ashton, Associate Research Fellow, CADET

Debbie Ashtree, Associate Research Fellow

Genevieve Baratiny, Research Fellow, NCFH

Alyssa Barry, Associate Professor, Systems Epidemiology of Infection

Faiza Basheer, Associate Research Fellow, Cell Analysis

Hannah Beks, Research Fellow

Lesley Berk, Research Fellow, Digital Interventions

Michael Berk, Alfred Deakin Professor and Director of IMPACT

Amelia Betson, Research Fellow

Marley Binder,  Associate Research Fellow

Carly Botheras, Associate Research Fellow

Marita Bryan, Associate Research Fellow

Jenny Bryce, Research Officer, Chromic

Suzie Clayden, Associate Research Fellow

Timothy Connor, Research Officer

Darcie Cooper, Associate Research Fellow (Infectious Diseases)

Natalie Counihan, Research Fellow

Sarah Croce, Associate Research Fellow

Tamsyn Crowley, Associate Professor in Medical Bioinformatics

Jessica Davis, Research Fellow, Clinical Trial Coordinator

Samantha Dawson, Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Olivia Dean, Associate Professor (Research)

Amber Degelia, Clinical Trial Coordinator, MAGNET

Tania De Koning-Ward, Professor

Poshmaal Dhar, Dean's Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Kunal Dhiman, Associate Research Fellow, Neurobiology

Daniel Drumm, Associate Research Fellow, Rural Health

Amity Dunstan, Associate Research Fellow

Tesfaye Feyissa, Executive Dean Health Research Fellow

Rachel Fiddes, Research Fellow, Clinical Trial Coordinator

Sarah Gauci, Associate Research Fellow, Cardiac Prevention

Stephen Gill, Senior Research Fellow

Veer Gupta, Associate Professor in Neurobiology

Catherine Hansen, Data Manager

Chris Healey, Research Fellow

Andrea Hernan, Deans Research Postdoctoral Fellow

Damian Hernandez de Santiago, Research Fellow

Emma Hobbs, Research Fellow

Meghan Hockey, Associate Research Fellow

Natalie Hyde, Dean’s Research Postdoctoral Fellow

Felice Jacka, Alfred Deakin Professor

Bianca Kavanagh, Research Fellow Brophy, Research and Evaluation Lead

Kara Kew, Research Fellow

Jee Hyun Kim, Associate Professor, Molecular Psychiatry

Malia Lardelli, Research Assistant

Clifford Liongue, Lecturer, Medical Research

Zoe Liu, Associate Research Fellow, Biomarkers

Mojtaba Lotfaliany Abrand Abadi, Research Fellow

Joanna Macdonald, Associate Research Fellow

Sophie Mahoney, Associate Research Fellow, Dietitian

Mary Malakellis, Research Fellow Grade 2

Sajida Malik, Associate Research Fellow

Wolf Marx, Senior Research Fellow

Kat Matthews, Associate Research Fellow

Ivan Matovich, Research Assistant

Catherine Mazza, Associate Research Fellow, Psychologist

Kirsty McCann, Associate Research Fellow, Genomic Epidemiology

Lauren McDonald, Associate Research Fellow (Ehealth Communications)

Sean McGee, Professor, Medical Biology

Amelia McGuinness, Associate Research Fellow, Trial Coordinator

Kevin Mc Namara, Deputy Director Associate Professor

Marko Milicevic, Research Assistant

Fiona Mitchell, Associate Research Fellow, Rural Health

Joyanta Modak, Research Fellow

Jenny Murfield, Research Fellow

Meg Murray, Associate Research Fellow

Josie O’Donohue, Associate Research Fellow (eHealth Communications)

Martin O'Hely, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Biostatistics/Bioinformatics

Adrienne O'Neil, Professor

Bruna Panizzutti Parry, Research Fellow, Stem Cells

Johnny Park, Associate Research Fellow

Julie Pasco, Professor

Megan Pilon, Associate Research Fellow

Shae Quirk, Research Fellow

Briana Randall, Research Officer

Erica Reeve, Research Fellow, Implementation and Knowledge Exchange

Tetyana Rocks, Senior Research Fellow

Christine Roder, Associate Research Fellow, Viral Hepatitis

Sajal Kumar Saha, Executive Dean Health Research Fellow

Dean Saunders, Associate Research Fellow, Exercise Physiologist

Kate Schlicht, Senior Research Fellow

Luba Sominsky, Paediatric Research Fellow

John Stambas, Professor of Viral Immunology

Heidi Staudacher, Senior Research Fellow

Amanda Stuart, Research Fellow

Vinod Sundaramoorthy, Research Fellow, Viral Neuropathogenesis

Courtney Swinton, Research Officer, MRU

Sharm Thuraisingam, Research Fellow

Alyna Turner, Senior Lecturer

Megan Turner, Research Fellow (Psychologist)

Sharon Varela, Senior Research Fellow

Vincent Versace, Director Deakin Rural Health

Peter Vuillermin, Chair in Medicine and Director of Research

Ken Walder, Chair in Metabolic Diseases

Adam Walker, Research Fellow, Trisno Family

Alister Ward, Professor Molecular Medicine

Nikita Wheaton, Associate Research Fellow

Lana Williams, Associate Professor

Sarah Wood, Associate Research Fellow

Yen Ting Wong, Associate Research Fellow

Bing-Ru Wu, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Viral Immunology

Claire Young, Associate Research Fellow, eHealth & mHealth

Alison Yung, Professor (Clinical Research)

Nemanja Zivanov, Associate Research Fellow

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