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What is the difference between the H345 Bachelor of Psychology and
H344 Bachelor of Psychological Science?

The first three years of these two courses are identical.

H345 Bachelor of Psychology is designed to enable students to complete a four year sequence in psychology that complies with requirements for provisional registration as a psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia and also for associate membership of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). It is comprised of the three-year undergraduate major sequence in psychology and the fourth year Honours program in psychology which are currently offered separately. Due to the stringent requirements of entry to an Honours year and the requirements for registration, students who do not attain the progression standards will exit with a three-year award, the Bachelor of Psychological Science.

Students who successfully complete H344 Bachelor of Psychological Science are also eligible to apply for entry into the fourth year Honours Program, H452 Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), or H650 Graduate Diploma of Psychology.

What are the core units in the undergraduate Psychology major sequence?

Core (compulsory) Psychology units:

  • Level 1 / year 1: HPS104, HPS111, HPS121
  • Level 2 / year 2: HPS201, HPS202, HPS203, HPS204, HPS205
  • Level 3 / year 3: HPS301, HPS307, HPS308

Core Faculty of Health units:

  • Level 1 / year 1: HBS107, HBS110

Elective Psychology units:

  • 3 units from: HPS302, HPS304, HPS395 (one of these three electives can be another level 3 unit offered by the Faculty of Health) 

All other elective units which can be chosen from any Faculty or School in the following level:

  • 3 elective units at Level 1 / Year 1
  • 3 elective units at Level 2 / Year 2 (electives offered by the School of Psychology are HPS206, HPY201, HPY210)
  • 2 elective units at Level 3 / Year 3 (electives offered by the School of Psychology are HPY310)

Course planners

These can help you plan your enrolment so that you meet all the course rules.

H344 Bachelor of Psychological Science (PDF, 125.3 KB)
H344C Bachelor of Psychological Science (Craigieburn) (PDF, 124.3 KB)
H344D Bachelor of Psychological Science (Dandenong) (PDF, 124.3 KB)
H344W Bachelor of Psychological Science (Werribee) (PDF, 124.5 KB)
H345 Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) (PDF, 129.9 KB)

Details of major sequences for Psychology students

This document includes details of the 10, 8 and 6-credit point undergraduate Psychology major sequences, along with other majors from the Faculty of Health. Always check the Handbook for current details and requirements.

Major sequences for Psychology students - 2015 (147kb)

Recommended electives

Students in H344 and H345 may complete a maximum of 8 electives from outside the School of Psychology.

Recommended Psychology electives include:

To search for an elective outside the Faculty of Health, refer to the Handbook.

I am not enrolled in a Psychology course (H344 or H345) but wish to complete a psychology major

Students can undertake a 6, 8 or 10 credit point psychology major depending on the course rules applicable to their respective course. 

Each course summary page will list the major sequences that can be completed under the respective course. Students who wish to apply for a 4th year psychology course will need to complete the 10CP psychology major. 

 Students who do not complete a full 10CP psychology major, can undertake single units separately to make up above the 10 units required for eligibility to apply for a 4th year psychology course.

I commenced my course prior to 2011 and undertook the major when HPS309 was a core unit

This unit is recognised as a core unit and will count towards a psychology major. Students who undertook HPS309 will be eligible to graduate with a psychology major and apply for a 4th year psychology course if a 10CP psychology major has been completed.

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