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Health Peer Mentor Program

Our peer mentor program can make you first trimester less stressful and more enjoyable. Get a mentor or be a mentor and help other students succeed.

Health Peer Mentor Program

About our program

We recognise that starting university can be overwhelming.

The Faculty of Health Peer Mentor Program matches new students with a peer mentor to help navigate Deakin resources during the first five weeks of study. A peer mentor is an experienced student within the Faculty of Health in the same or similar course to you, who will support your transition to life as a Deakin student.

If you have any questions about the program please email

Get a mentor

Would you like the support and advice from an experienced student?

Your peer mentor will get in touch with you via your Deakin email to schedule a weekly catch up with you and other students in the same course as you.

Over the first five weeks of trimester peer mentees receive support with:

  • Getting organised with your unit timetables, textbooks, assignments and exams
  • Navigating Deakin on campus and online
  • Understanding Deakin’s support services
  • Networking, making friends and more!

Applications for 2023 Trimester 1 have now closed. If you would like support from an experienced student please join on of the drop-in sessions listed below.

Be a mentor

Do you remember feeling overwhelmed during your first few weeks of study?

This is your chance to make an impact on new students in the Faculty of Health. Peer mentors provide critical support for students in their transition to University.

Peer mentors:

  • Are role models for new students
  • Receive opportunities to events and gain employment
  • Gain experience and skills for future employability and more!

Become a mentor

Deakin's peer mentoring program is excellent! I recommend that all first years should sign up to this free program as it is a great way to not only learn, but form new friendships with students in your course!

Past peer mentee

Mentor drop-in sessions

Can’t make it to a meeting or haven’t signed up for a mentor? Mentor drop-in sessions are open to all health students.

You don't need to register, just join the Zoom session, please copy and save the link.

Trimester 1 drop-in sessions are available at the following times (note differences for Week 5 & Week 7 due to public holidays).

Week 1Getting started at DeakinTuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 7–8 pm.
Friday 9–10 am
Week 2Cloud essentials and connecting online at Deakin, study skillsTuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 7–8 pm.
Friday 9–10 am
Week 3Assignments and referencingTuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 7–8 pm.
Friday 9–10 am
Week 4Deakin services and managing your study-work-life balanceTuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 7–8 pm.
Friday 9–10 am
Week 5Making the most of assignment feedbackTuesday 9–10 am.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 7–8 pm
Week 7Study habits and revision techniquesWednesday, Thursday and Friday 7–8 pm.
Friday 9–10 am
Week 9Preparing for examsTuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 7–8 pm.
Friday 9–10 am

Further opportunities

Contact us

If you have any questions about our peer support program please contact us.