Sport at Deakin

Sport is more than medals, trophies or sponsorship. It's about community. It's about finding your passion, expressing your talent, supporting your mates and striving to be the best you can possibly be. 

It's about not being afraid to have a go. At Deakin, we take sports seriously.

In fact, our School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences is ranked the best sport science school in the world, according to Shanghai Ranking's Global Ranking of Sport Science Schools and Departments. 

If you're interested in studying sport, look no further than Deakin.

Get set for a future in sport

Find out why Deakin's ahead of the pack when it comes to sport.

Our sports courses

From sport management and sport development to clinical exercise and sport science, our courses will equip you with specialist knowledge and expert understanding in your field. 

Thanks to our industry partnerships, you'll also gain the practical experience and skills to pursue a successful career in sports.

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Elite Athlete-Friendly University program

We'll help you balance your studies with the demands of training and competition. Plus, with access to our elite sports precinct, you can train on our MCG-sized AFL oval, FIFA-grade soccer pitch, eight-lane 400-metre athletics track, and more. 
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Deakin Spirit

Learn all about Deakin's involvement in the world of sports through our blog, Deakin Spirit. From athlete profiles, sports news and events, the blog has it all. 

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Centre for Sport Research (CSR)

CSR’s goal is to improve the health and performance of people and organisations through involvement in sports. As well as promoting sport and exercise, CSR conducts research that informs policy and touches on sport science, development and management.
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School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

Learn from the best in the world. 

Ranked the #1 sport science school globally, Deakin's School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences offers a holistic approach to getting work-ready. With expert teaching staff and courses that are both industry-informed and led by research, we also offer students access to world-class sports facilities to help you get ahead in your field. 

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