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Gaddafi won't go quietly

Mon, 22 Aug 2011 15:38:00 +1000

Libya is likely to descend into civil war once the overthrow of Col Muammar Gaddafi is complete, according to Deakin University Middle East expert, Dr Sally Totman.

“I believe it will spiral into civil war very quickly,” Dr Totman said.

“That’s because of the tribal nature of the rebels

“There are a lot of chiefs who fancy themselves as the new leader.

“I don’t think they’re fighting for democracy, they are just fighting to get rid of Gaddafi."

Dr Totman said that while putting Gaddafi on trial is one of many options that are open to the new rulers, one thing is certain, he won’t be going quietly.

“That’s not his style,” she said.

“He making speeches from his compound still urging people to take to the streets and fight the rebels.”

Dr Totman said that if he was to be put on trial, he would continue to make ‘rambling speeches to the end’.

She also believed that he might have left the country already, it was more likely he was still in Tripoli.

“His boys have been captured there, it is likely they would be close to their dad,” she said.

Sally is the Associate Head of School (Teaching & Learning) and the Convener of the Middle East Studies program at Deakin.

In addition, Sally is the Chair of the Faculty of Arts & Education Academic Progress and Discipline Committee and co-founder of the Australia Middle East Research Forum (AMERF).

She joined Deakin in February 2007 having taught Middle East politics, International Relations, and Australian foreign policy at Macquarie University in Sydney for nine years.

Dr Sally Totman

Col Muammar Gaddafi
Col Muammar Gaddafi
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  • Rebels aren't fighting for democracy, they just fighting to get rid of Gaddafi.

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17th May 2011