Strategic Research

Population Health


The following are recent examples of project reports produced by Deakin Population Health.

Report title


The equipping inclusion studies : assistive technology use and outcomes in Victoria ; key findings and policy implications, study 1 - the equipment study, study 2 - the economic study 2010
The Equipping Inclusion Studies: Assistive Technology Use and Outcomes in Victoria; Key Findings and Policy Recommendations 2010
Assessing Cost-Effectiveness in Prevention (3 MB) 2010

The Diabetes Prevention Program, Greater Green Triangle, Victoria: A qualitative evaluation of consumer responses to a diabetes prevention program


South Asian participants’ views of the Life! Taking Action on Diabetes prevention program 2010

WHO Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention: Annual Report 2009-2010


An Epidemiological Analysis of Risk Factors: Rural versus Metropolitan – are there differences? 2010

Final report: food at school resource pilot


Frameworks for the major population-based policies to prevent childhood obesity


It's your move! School environment audit evaluation draft report


The health and economic benefits of reducing disease factors: research report 2009
History of diabetes prevention in the Greater Green Triangle and the Diabetes Prevention Project - Telephone support follow-up survey 2009
The health and economic benefits of reducing disease risk factors 2009
Department of Treasury and Finance Evaluation of Preventative Health Interventions 2008

Several reports are also available from the Resource Library section of The Collaboration of Community-based Obesity Prevention Sites (CO-OPS Collaboration) website.


The following pamphlets include results on each topic area within the Assessing Cost Effectiveness of Prevention (ACE-Prevention) project.

A. The ACE-Prevention project
B. ACE approach to priority setting
C. Key assumptions underlying the economic analysis
D. Interpretation of ACE-Prevention cost-effectiveness results
E. Indigenous Health Service Delivery
Overall results
1. League table
2. Combined effects
General population results
1. Adult depression
2. Alcohol
3. Blood pressure and cholesterol lowering
4. Cannabis
5. Cervical cancer screening, Sunsmart and PSA screening
6. Childhood mental disorders
7. Fruit and vegetables
8. HIV
9. Obesity
10. Osteoporosis
11. Physical activity
12. Pre-diabetes screening
13. Psychosis
14. Renal replacement therapy, screening and early treatment of chronic kidney disease
15. Salt
16. Suicide prevention
17. Tobacco (in preparation)
Indigenous population results
1. Cardiovascular disease prevention
2. Diabetes prevention
3. Screening and early treatment of chronic kidney disease


Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

8th November 2010