Funding your WIL experience

Studying overseas or interstate doesn't need to break the bank. You could be eligible for financial assistance, to help with the cost of travel, accommodation and program costs.

The Faculty of Arts and Education offers a number of travel grants to assist students with the cost of course-related travel and experiences.

Travel Grants in Arts and Education

Travel Grants are available for the following Faculty of Arts and Education programs:

  • Internships requiring relocation outside of your state of residence or international.
  • Study Tours offered by the Faculty of Arts and Education
  • Global Education Programs (GEP)
  • In-Country Language Program

Eligibility and selection criteria:

a. Students need to have been offered a place in a Faculty of Arts and Education program. Grant applications will not be accepted until students have been formally offered and secured a place in a program

b. must be be an Australian citizen, or holder of an Australia permanent visa, or an international student on a program that is held in a country other than their country of origin.

c. Must not have received another grant for their program from Deakin University, such as a New Colombo Plan Grant or Asia-Bound Scholarship.

d. Responses to questions in online application and WAM/Weighted Average Mark will be taken into consideration.

See below categories for any additional requirements.

Internship Travel Grants

For undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Faculty of Arts Education undertaking an internship for credit towards their course. Travel grants are for students required to relocate from their current residence for the duration of their placement.

Relocation includes:

  • Interstate from their current residence,
  • Overseas from their current residence.

Grants are subject to availability and are awarded between $100 to $500 for interstate placements and $500 to $1,000 for an international placement. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • placement must be included as part of an Arts internship unit (ie: unit commencing with an 'A')
  • All other criteria as detailed at top of page.

Apply for an Internship Travel Grant

Study Tour Travel Grants

Study Tour Travel Grants will be available for the following programs in 2017:

  • AIE365 Middle East Study Tour
  • ACG308 Screen & Design Study Tour to Japan
  • AIS203 Japanese Politics, Society and Culture Study Tour
  • ASP263 Buddhist Studies to India

Study Tour Travel Grants are typically between $500 to $1,000. Numbers of grants available are capped for each program. 

Students should only apply for a Study Tour Travel Grant once they have been accepted into one of the above programs.

Eligibility and selection criteria is as listed at top of page.

Apply for a Study Tour Travel Grant

Global Education Program Travel Grants

For students accepted into the a 2017 Global Education Program (GEP) to one of the following destinations: Vanuatu, Northern Territory, Chile, Nepal or Switzerland.

GEP Travel Grants of $500 are available. Numbers of grants available are capped for each program. Students selected for 2017 programs will have received information on grant availability. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • enrolled in the unit their Global Education Program is contributing towards.
  • comments from Professional Experience reports may be taken into consideration.
  • all other criteria as detailed at top of page.

WIL Student Support Scheme:

The WIL Student Support Scheme can help you by easing the financial stress and allowing you to have that hands-on, relevant work experience whether it is locally or overseas.

This initiative aims to widen the participation of eligible domestic undergraduate students who are experiencing financial hardship in WIL placements.

Eligible programs:

  • Internships, both in Australia and international.
  • Global Education Program (GEP) (Education students only)

Further eligibility criteria applies. See more information at:

WIL Student Support Scheme


Available only for students on a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP).The maximum loan a student can borrow in 2017 is $6567, or $7880 if studying in Asia.

Eligible programs:

  • Internships (for course credit) outside of Australia.
  • Global Education Program (GEP)
  • Study Tours
  • Short Term Programs
  • Exchange/Study Abroad

Students should apply for an OS-HELP Loan as soon as they receive an offer into a program and have enrolled. Further eligibility criteria applies. See link below.


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