Language and Cultural Exchange Program

Have you ever thought of learning a language? Planning a trip somewhere and wanting to learn some simple phrases? Do you study a language and want to find someone to practice with? The Deakin Language and Culture Exchange Program is here for you.

This program is a great chance for you to learn about other cultures, improve your language skills and make new friends. Starting in Trimester 2, 2015 week 4, this program will introduce a range of different opportunities to all students - whether you're simply looking to meet new people enjoying different conversations from around the world or develop your understanding of a particular language one on one or in a group.

So, what do you have to do to participate in the Language Exchange Program? You can register your interest anytime starting 6 July 2015. The first matching process for trimester happens before the 'Introduce' event in Week 4 in every trimester. If you register your interest after the 'Introduce' event, we will try our best to find a partner/group for you but there is no guarantee.

Remember to check out our blog to find out upcoming event dates and useful resources for this program!

Language Exchange Program

Language Exchange Program 2


How does it work?

1. Registration

Please register via this form. The first matching process of the Trimester happens before the 'Introduce' event in Week 4. Please note that there is no guarantee to match all interest as the outcome of any application depends on whether we have a matching application.`

2. Introduce (Week 4)

Attend the 'Introduce' event at your campus. This is your chance to meet your language partner or others who are participating in this program from your campus. We will share the basics information of this program and helpful advice about how to improve your cultural understanding and language skills. During this event and there is a compulsory peer session you must attend to be part of this program. Similar information will be sent out to the Cloud students and those who aren't able to attend this event.

3. Meet and talk (Week 4 – Week 9)

Once you have been matched up with your partner/group, you are expected to meet regularly for a minimum of an hour a week except during exam periods and Trimester breaks. It is you and your partner/group's responsibility to organize meeting dates and times.

4. Tea break (Week 9)

This is an end of trimester event to get together to celebrate the success of the program and share your experience with others. If you are happy with your current partner/group, you are welcome to continue the program with your current partner in the following trimester. If you are wanting to meet a new partner, please contact the program administrator to find a new partner/group.

5. Break

The program will have a break after the 'Tea break' event. Students are welcome to register their interest but there is no guarantee that we are able to match you with your preferred language partner/group.

If you have any questions about this program, please email the program administer.


Terms & Conditions

The Deakin Language and Culture Exchange program is an intercultural engagement program which aims to actively engage students with their culturally diverse peers in a positive manner.

Participants will agree to the following:

  • Your contact details will be given to your exchange partner/group so you can set up the first meeting.
  • All personal information obtained from your partner must remain confidential at all times. You may not forward any personal details obtained without their consent.
  • If there is any change in your contact details, please notify your language partner/group and facilitator.
  • Both partners should agree on place/s to meet.
  • Cancellation of meetings need to be made ahead of time and you are responsible to inform your partner/group.
  • Respect your partner/group: their culture, gender, and politics or religion.
  • Both participants should agree on topics of conversation.
  • Advertising or recruiting for other associations or religious or political groups is not permitted.
  • If you have to withdraw from the program for any reason, please advise your exchange partner as soon as possible. You are also required to notify the facilitator.
  • If there are any issues with the program, please contact the facilitator.
  • Deakin University policies apply to all participants, particularly in the area of Plagiarism & Collusion and the freedom to work in an environment free from violent, abusive and offensive behaviour. Deakin University misconduct procedures will be applied for any inappropriate behaviour on campus.
  • Please note matching of exchange partner is subject to availability, selection criteria requests and other factors.  There is no guarantee all applicants will be allocated an exchange partner.


If you have any feedback, please email us –

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