Global Citizenship Program

Global Citizenship Program 

Expand your world and advance your career prospects with Deakin's Global Citizenship Program

It is a simple fact: In an increasingly globalised world, today's employers and businesses are looking for people with global experiences. When you finish your Deakin studies, you will want to show that you are globally aware, culturally sensitive, and able to live and work independently.

Deakin's Global Citizenship Program is specifically designed to engage you with a variety of global programs and activities that can build up your skills in these and other key areas that are important in the global workplace and global community. To successfully complete the Global Citizenship Program is to show the world that you are ready to be an active, productive player.

But this is more than a chance to give your CV the competitive edge. Through the Global Citizenship Program you will have the opportunity to expand your world, connect with different cultures, and perhaps make a real difference in communities across the globe.

The Global Citizenship Program is aimed at supplementing your studies at Deakin and involves a combination of different international activities such as:

  • International study experiences
  • Participation in internationally-focused units
  • Seminars on international topics
  • International internships
  • International-centred volunteering
  • Foreign language studies
  • Peer mentoring
  • Professional development programs

The Global Citizenship Program will instill in you the values of global citizenship and prepare you for success in the increasingly global society in which we live.

While the program is primarily non-credit bearing, you will receive a certificate of completion, that you can attach to your resume that will outline the skills and attributes you have attained. This will assist you in communicating to future employers the additional skills you have gained through your global experiences. The Global Citizenship Program is designed to be completed before you graduate.

What is a global citizen?

  • An appreciation for diversity and multiple perspectives
  • Active engagement in the community, both locally and globally
  • Personal responsibility for one's actions, and any consequences
  • Recognition that all people have rights, and a commitment towards global equality
  • Understanding of the economic, social, cultural, political, and environmental relationship that exists among all people and countries
  • Critical thinking about personal beliefs, actions, communication, global issues and relationships
  • A capacity for effective intercultural communication and personal adaptability

"Studying overseas forced me to step outside my comfort zone. It helped me to grow as a person, and gain confidence. I made friendships that will last a lifetime. I think everyone should take a semester abroad. I will never forget the great times I had." - Jasmine Butler, Deakin student, Ecuador exchange

"Nothing quite prepares you for the impact a volunteering program like this has on your life." - Sophie Jamieson, Deakin student, Malawi volunteering program 2014

How to participate in the Global Citizenship Program

To become a Global Citizen, you will need to participate in a number of internationally-related activities that will assist you to develop key personal, academic and careers skills.

Each activity is given a point value based on its associated skills and the extent to which each skill is developed. Refer to Global Citizenship Activities and Outcomes for full details. Your aim is to accumulate a minimum of 100 points. In addition you may prepare reflective pieces on many of the activities you participate in, and explore how they have contributed to your development as a global citizen.

Activities and Outcomes

The Global Citizenship Program is designed to help you develop the skills necessary to be a global citizen. As such, there are internationally-related activities that will foster these attributes that must be completed. Each activity is given a point value based on its associated skills, and the extent to which each skill is developed. To apply for the Global Citizenship Award, you must earn a total of at least 100 points. The activities must be completed in the time of your Deakin degree. In addition, you may prepare reflective pieces on many of the activities you participate in, and explore how they have contributed to your development as a global citizen.

Please note that the list of activities given are pre-approved. If you have completed an activity that you feel is worthy of GCP points, please email with details and Deakin Abroad staff can make an assessment.

View the 'Apply now!' tab to find out how to apply for the program and award.


Volunteering Points
Long-term global volunteering (4 months plus) 60
Global volunteering (over 4 weeks) 40
Volunteering (GCP with fundraising component) 40
Global volunteering (up to 4 weeks & no fundraising) 20
Deakin Abroad Peer Adviser Program (per trimester - maximum 2) 20
Volunteering (domestic with international focus -minimum 10 hours) 10
DUELI Leadership and Internship Program 10
CONNECT Program 10
Participation in the Deakin Aboard Buddy Program (1 trimester) 5
 Internship Points
Long-term global internship (4 months plus) 60
Global internships (over 4 weeks) 40
Global internships (up to 4 weeks) 30
Australian internships (international students only) 20
Internship (domestic with international focus - up to 4 weeks) 20
Leadership Points
Leadership in an organisation or club with an international focus 10
Participation in an organisation or club with an international focus 5
Presentation/lecture or promotion on global study experience at Deakin or international partner 5
Study Points
Trimester Abroad program (at least 1 trimester) 60
In-country research (over 8 weeks)40
Global study intensive (study tours/short-term programs 1-2 credit points) 30
Global conference or globally-focused domestic conference (2 days or longer) 20
Major project or thesis/essay with international focus as part of Deakin degree (at least 4000 words) 10
Attendance at lecture or symposium with global focus (maximum 2) 10
Deakin unit with international focus (completion of 1 Deakin unit with an international focus for student studying a clearly 'non-international-focused course' who take an 'international-focused elective') 5
Language Points
Long-term in-country language 60
Major language stream or diploma 40
DUELI Language school (international students only) 40
Sub-major language stream20
Beginners language study (global or domestic) 10
Language tutor at the Global Conversation Lounge (capped at 40 points) 5

*Please note: Students involved in the Faculty Peer mentoring/support programs may be eligible for GCP points (10 per trimester with a cap of 20). To be eligible for these points the student must submit a 500 word (minimum) reflection on the international experience they had within the program. This international focus must be clearly outlined to be eligible for points. A program completion certificate must be provided with the application.

Benefits and Employability

In addition to encouraging personal growth, an overseas experience contributes to your employability. Organisations are operating in an increasingly global context and need employees with the abilities to work within a global workplace. 'Soft skills' that are associated with global competence and international experience, such as creativity, flexibility, and leadership acumen, are skills organisations look for in graduate candidates.

In fact, many employers say that undertaking an international study experience shows an individual has drive, initiative and the ability to adapt to change - attributes that make a candidate stand out.

"Undertaking international study is not just about experiencing the culture and excitement of a new place, but is now increasingly important in positioning graduates for future success." - QS Global Employer Survey Report 2011
"...experience abroad not only enriched students' professional and academic lives, but could also promote openness, adaptability and flexibility, or enhance language learning, intercultural skills, self-reliance and self-awareness." - The Erasmus Impact Study 2014

Personal development:

  • Increased maturity
  • Increased independence
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Increased tolerance to ambiguity, conflict and change
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Improved interpersonal and intercultural communication skills
  • Improved foreign language ability
  • Better relationships
  • Increased ability to appreciate multiple perspectives and diversity

Academic development:

  • Enhanced interest in academics
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills
  • Reinforced commitment to and persistent with academia

Career development:

  • Enhanced planning, organisation and time management skills
  • Improved networking skills
  • Increased ability to manage a budget
  • Increased regional understanding
  • Increased business acumen

Apply now!

Excited yet? Read on to find out how to apply!

Apply for the Global Citizenship Program

1. Email your full name, student ID and course code to: We will include you in our database and update you with the latest international opportunities.

2. Participate in a variety of internationally-related activities such as: international study, volunteering, internships, conferences, or units, or domestic activities with an international focus.

3.  Earn a total of at least 100 points to be eligible for the Global Citizenship Award.

Apply for the Global Citizenship Award

Download, complete & submit the GCP application form (PDF, 274.6 KB) along with the required supporting documents, by the 31st of August 2016. Should your application be successful, you will receive the Global Citizenship Award!

Information for international students

The Global Citizenship Program welcomes participation from international students. At Deakin, we recognise the significance of your decision to study abroad.

Whether you plan on returning home or staying in Australia, the Global Citizenship Program has been designed to equip you with skills that will place you at an advantage in the global job market. You may have already developed some skills while living and studying in Australia, so why not get these skills certified?

International students are automatically granted 60 points for their enrolment at Deakin - which means you only need 40 more points to apply for an award! There are opportunities to study abroad for a trimester or two, volunteer or work abroad, study a foreign language, or attend international conferences. As an international student, you are able to undertake an overseas study experience as part of your Deakin degree, however, there are also Global Citizenship opportunities in Australia that you can take advantage of, including on Deakin's campuses.

Make the most of your international education experience by participating in the pre-approved activities listed below or, refer to the full list under the 'Activities and Outcomes' tab. If you have questions or need assistance, contact us at or drop by our office.

Activity Points
International Student at Deakin 60
DUELI student 40
Volunteering domestic (10h minimum) 10
Australian Internship (min. 4 weeks) 20
DUELI Leadership and Internship Program 10
Leadership in an organisation or club with international focus (e.g. Dueli Volunteer Program) 10
Participation in an organisation or club with international focus (e.g. Dueli Club) 5
Participation in Chinese Conversation Lounge  40
"Studying and having good grades is important, but so is having a balance in life. Take the time to enjoy your university experience in Australia." - Jihyun Seo (Emily), Deakin International student, Malawi volunteering program 2014
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