Dangerous or threatening person

  1. You should report suspicious persons and vehicles to security, dial 222 or 1800 062579.
  2. If an aggressor persists with threats of violence:
    Contact Police, dial 0, then 000 or
    Contact Security, dial 222.
  3. After a traumatic event has occurred on campus, the Senior Counsellor from the Division of Student Life should be requested to assist those staff or students affected by the incident.
  4. If you have felt endangered or threatened, always report the incident.

Personal security precautions:

  • Staff and students may make arrangements with security guards to provide safe passage to their cars. Arrange this service ahead of time, by calling 222.
  • If you are on campus at night, try to ensure that you travel around in groups of 2 or more.
  • Academic staff should encourage groups of students attending the University after dark to park in the same car park, and return to their cars together.
  • If you are going to stay on campus after dark, move your cars as close as possible to your building during the later afternoon.
  • Volunteer to accompany people who need to cross the campus at night, and take someone else with you to keep you company on the return journey.
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