Gas leak, chemical hazard or spill

Raise the alarm

  • Ensure the immediate safety of anyone within the vicinity of the spill. 
  • Evacuate the immediate area.
  • Report the spill to Security (extension 222) and to your supervisor or the Health, Wellbeing and Safety team (extension 68269 for Burwood and 72869 for Geelong and Warrnambool).

Note: Do not  use a mobile phone in the event of a gas leak.

If you cannot contact any of these, break the nearest fire Break Glass Alarm, which automatically notifies the Fire Brigade and Security.

Isolate hazard

  • Anyone who has been exposed to the hazardeous materials must (if safe to do so) be moved to a safe decontamination area. The treatment of serious injury must take precedence over decontamination and containment. If unsure, consult with your supervisor or the Health, Wellbeing and Safety team.
  • Restrict unnecessary movement into and through the area to avoid spreading contamination. Isolate the affected area at a safe distance by erecting a temporary barricade and placing suitable warning signs. Clean-upDo not re-enter the area until it has been decontaminated by personnel trained specifically in chemical safety.


  • Evacuate the building as instructed to do so by the emergency personnel.
  • Walk quickly and calmly to the assembly area advised by the emergency personnel.
  • Remain at the assembly area in groups.
  • In the case of a fire, every effort must be made to prevent undue spreading of contamination. However, fire fighting must take precedence over the control of contamination.
  • Do not switch on any electrical equipment, light switches, etc, as these may cause a spark and become an ignition source.
  • It is the responsibility of the lecturer/tutor to ensure that their particular class is evacuated and to maintain control of the students during the emergency until released by the warden.
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