HDR, Australia Award and final trimester students

The International Student Support team recognises the specific needs of international Higher Degree by Research students and is committed to facilitating the timely integration of such students into the University community. Upon arrival new HDR students can expect a welcome to the university from the international student advisers on their campus in the form of a face to face induction. Details of the full program will be sent to you by email from Deakin International.

Australia Award students are encouraged to keep in regular contact with their Student Contact Officer (SCO). Your SCO will assist you with a range of issues including

  • airport pick up and temporary accommodation on arrival
  • establishment of your bank account and Contribution to Living (CLE) payments
  • Introductory Academic Program details
  • accessing funds (Supplementary Academic Support)
  • suspension or extension of scholarship
  • travel arrangements
  • changes to enrolment
  • academic progress issues
  • personal issues

The Scholarships Handbook provides essential information for managing or participating in the Scholarship program. Read the handbook and become familiar with your responsibilities and entitlements.

Readjusting to life back home

Things you can do to help you settle back in:

  • Before you go home, speak to your friends and family to ask them about things that may have changed while you have been studying here.
  • Keep up to date by reading local newspapers and magazines.
  • Once you are back home, be patient. It may take several weeks or even months to readjust to life back home and to feel settled in.
  • Be aware that it may feel 'strange' being back home at first. You may even feel 'lost' in your 'new' surroundings, so be curious about the changes that have taken place.
  • Share your experience with other returning home students.

It is advisable that you spend some time reflecting on your experience here in Australia as well as the feelings you have on retuning home. Complete the following statements (on your own or with your friends) to help you think about these issues.

  • When I think about leaving Australia, I feel...
  • My experience here has been...
  • The things that I will miss here are...
  • The things that I will be happy to leave behind are...
  • Before I leave, I would really like to...
  • When I think about returning to my home country, I feel...
  • Things that will remain unchanged and things that will be different when I return home are...
  • I think my family expect me to...
  • For my career, I hope to...
  • I expect that my friends at home will...
  • I think the hardest part of going back will be...
  • I am looking forward to...

Staying in touch

Deakin takes great pride in the achievements of its graduates and aims to provide lifelong learning and networking opportunities for its alumni all over the world.

As a graduate of Deakin, you are automatically invited to become a member of our vibrant online Alumni Community to continue your relationship with us beyond your graduation.

Deakin Alumni members have privileged access to many unique benefits that are continually being developed and offered exclusively to our graduates.

Our Alumni Community has many different chapters to assist members in networking with other alumni members in their location, profession and/or area of interest. These chapters are based on a broad range of criteria including course studied, faculty, school, and country of origin, which means that students can be part of more than one chapter which, in turn, enhances their networking options.

To register or to obtain more information about membership benefits, chapters and networks, please contact the Deakin Alumni Community.

International student who is under 18 years old with CAAW need to oblige to strict guidelines while studying at Deakin. International Student Advisers will conduct fortnightly meeting with these under 18 students to ensure their welfare is well looked after.

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