Re-enrol in your course

Re-enrolment for 2017 will open in September 2016. Further information will be emailed to students just before it opens.

Steps to re-enrol

  1. Select course units via the Handbook
  2. Re-enrol via StudentConnect
  3. Complete your administrative tasks

If you are looking to add, change or remove units from an existing enrolment you will need to do so via StudentConnect.

Select course units

Search for unit and course information in the Handbook

Go to the Handbook, enter your course code or name and read the information for your course and the necessary units and unit choices you have for your course. Click on the unit code links to read more about each unit. Note down the units you have to enrol in each trimester for your course and keep in mind your desired enrolment status (ie full time or part time). You should enrol in units for both Trimester 1 and 2 when enrolling. Trimester 3 isn't compulsory but you can select units if you wish to and they fit into your course and life plans.

It is important to seek course advice from a faculty course adviser (you can by phone, email or in person) when planning your enrolment. They can help with course planning and explain course rules and requirements if you need them to.

Consider your course requirements

  • All courses at Deakin require the completion of a set number of credit points and course rules.
  • Ensure you complete any compulsory/core units.
  • Check if you need to choose a major sequence (called 'unit sets' in StudentConnect).
  • Consider prerequisite units, these are units which must be completed before enrolment in a subsequent unit can be accepted. Rule breaches will show in StudentConnect when you don't meet the course or unit rules (taking a snap shot is a great way to show your course adviser).

Re-enrol in StudentConnect

Ensure you enrol before the closing date or you will lose your place in the course.

  1. Login to StudentConnect.
  2. Check that your address and other personal details are correct.
  3. Check your course progress via the 'course completion' link to ensure you are meeting the enrolment rules specified for your course.
  4. Start the enrolment process by clicking on the 'Enrol in unit/course' link under the 'Enrolment' heading.
  5. Enter all of the units you want to study in Trimester 1 and 2. (Trimester 3 is optional except for Optometry students).
  6. Record your receipt number at the end of the process as a record of your enrolment transaction. Your enrolment is invalid if you don't receive one.
  7. You can confirm your enrolled units by viewing these in StudentConnect under the 'View Units' tab.

Complete your administrative tasks

Set up your timetable

If you are enrolled in campus based units, you can set up your timetable for Classes and Seminars through STAR on StudentConnect. Available in February 2016.

Check your enrolment

You can view your enrolled units under the 'View Units' tab in StudentConnect to ensure you have finalised your enrolment.

Check your ID card

Ensure your Deakin ID Card (Deakin Card) is still valid. If you have lost it, you should report it online or in person at Deakin Central. To find out more about your Deakin Card, visit the Deakin Card website.

Get ready to pay fees

From Monday 1 February 2016 you can generate an invoice (see the link under the Fees and Payment heading) and note the due date for your tuition and Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). If you haven't paid your fees by the due date, you may lose your place.

Check your exam locations – if you're studying in Cloud (online) mode

If you are a cloud (online) student, you need to check that you're allocated to an off-campus exam location early in the study period.

Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN)

Access your Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) by selecting the Commonwealth Assistance Notice (eCAN) link on StudentConnect. CANs at Deakin University are only available online.

Your CAN contains information about your enrolment such as:

  • student contribution amounts you have been charged for the units you are enrolled in
  • any upfront payments you have made
  • any HELP assistance you have used for the trimester study period.

Check your email

Your username, which you set up when you enrolled, is also your Deakin email address. You should check this email address a few times a week. If you have another email account you prefer to use, you can redirect your Deakin email to another account.

Buy books and equipment

Buy any books and equipment you need for your course. You can check the textbook requirements for each unit on the DUSA Bookshop's Student Booklist. Your faculty may also have given you a list of items you'll need (e.g. uniforms for nursing, lab coats).

Arrange travel and parking

Travel Concession Card

Once you have re-enrolled, you can access your 2016 Travel Concession form through StudentConnect from Friday 1 January 2016. If you're eligible, the pre-populated form will be sent to your Deakin email address. It must be printed in colour when lodging your application.

For information on where you can lodge your application and how the concession card can be used please visit the Public Transport Victoria website.

Parking permit

Buy a parking permit if you need one. You can purchase a general triple trimester or trimester parking permit, student resident permit and orange reserved permit from Deakin Central. Check the parking website in February to find out prices and when they will be available.

Take note of important dates

Note down any important dates relevant for you or your course, including the last day to vary your units, census dates, fee due dates and exam dates for the end of trimester.

Who should re-enrol?

If you are a continuing student (i.e. you haven't yet completed all your course requirements), you must re-enrol through StudentConnect for the following academic year.

You should re-enrol even if you:

  • think you may have failed a unit or units. You should enrol in the units you would like to or need to take. (Consider discussing your choices with a faculty course adviser)
  • have an approved intermission ending in Trimester 1 in the following year, you should add your unit for Trimester 2
  • have intermitted for any trimester and then want to return early from intermission. (Firstly, get advice from your faculty course adviser)
  • are applying to transfer to another course at Deakin (re-enrol in our original course to keep your place as a 'Plan B')

Higher Degree by Research students do not need to re-enrol as Deakin Research will look after this process for you.

If you have other questions regarding re-enrolment, check the frequently asked questions or call Deakin Central.

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