Step 2 - Dates

2015 DUELI dates

2015 IntakesOrientationStart dateEnd dateHoliday
Intake 18-9 January12 January13 January26 January
Intake 212-13 February16 February20 March 
Intake 319-20 March23 March24 April3-7 April
Intake 423-24 April27 April29 May15 May
Intake 528-29 May1 June3 July6-10 July
Intake 69-10 July13 July14 August31 July
Intake 713-14 August17 August18 September21-25 September
Intake 824-25 September28 September30 October2-6 November
Intake 95-6 November9 November11 December27 Novembe

2015 MIBT dates

TrimesterOrientation weekTeaching startsBreakExams startExams end
123-27 February2 March2-8 April1 June5 June
222-26 June29 June10-14 August28 September2 October
319-23 October26 October21 December - 1 January1 February5 Februar

Award course dates

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