Step 2 - Dates

2015 DUELI dates

2015 IntakesOrientationStart dateEnd dateHoliday
Intake 18-9 January12 January13 January26 January
Intake 212-13 February16 February20 March 
Intake 319-20 March23 March24 April3-7 April
Intake 423-24 April27 April29 May15 May
Intake 528-29 May1 June3 July6-10 July
Intake 69-10 July13 July14 August31 July
Intake 713-14 August17 August18 September21-25 September
Intake 824-25 September28 September30 October2-6 November
Intake 95-6 November9 November11 December27 Novembe

2015 Deakin College dates

For Deakin College dates, visit the Deakin College website.

Award course dates

Important dates for students across Deakin including trimester dates, fee cut off dates and holidays.



Public holidays

On the public holidays listed below, Deakin remains open and classes, seminars etc. are conducted. 

  • Labour Day
  • Queen's Birthday
  • Melbourne Cup 

On all other public holidays Deakin will be closed. Check the Important Dates link above for your study period as each public holiday is listed and indicates if Deakin is open or closed on that day.

Events for current students

Events for future students

Upcoming events, information nights, holiday programs, open days.

Other dates

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