Useful websites for self-learning (Grammar)

The following websites will help you improve your English grammar:

  1. Quizzes for English Study: Here you can find exercises on prepositions, verbs, articles, sentence structure and conjunctions at different levels. From the Internet TESOL Journal.
  2. Self-Study Grammar Quizzes: Lots of self study grammar quizzes.
  3. Aardvark's English Forum: Interactive English language exercises.
  4. Better English: Lots of interactive grammar exercises. Here you'll also find conditionals.
  5. ESL Blues: English grammar, quizzes, tutorials and games.
  6. EFL Net: Lots of grammar exercises.
  7. A Guide to Learning English: Practice your grammar here.
  8. Non Stop English: Lots of grammar and vocabulary lessons grouped by topics.
  9. Grammar Activity: Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing.
  10. Big Dog's Grammar
  11. English Plus: Select resources from menu, includes common mistakes and style.
  12. English Language Centre Study Zone: This site is is divided into levels. It has some grammar explanations and good activities for elementary (200) to upper intermediate (570) level. Lower levels include vocabulary; higher levels include reading with some grammar activities, but they are not related to specific points.
  13. Essential Grammar In Use: Allows you to work on any area of grammar you choose. You can work on one or many areas simultaneously.
  14. Isabel's ESL site: Exercises and activities to improve your grammar.
  15. Perfect English Grammar
  16. English tenses
  17. ESL interactive grammar games
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