Useful websites for self-learning (Grammar)

The following websites will help you improve your English grammar:

  1. Quizzes for English Study: Here you can find exercises on prepositions, verbs, articles, sentence structure and conjunctions at different levels. From the Internet TESOL Journal.
  2. Self-Study Grammar Quizzes: Lots of self study grammar quizzes.
  3. Aardvark's English Forum: Interactive English language exercises.
  4. Better English: Lots of interactive grammar exercises. Here you'll also find conditionals.
  5. ESL Blues: English grammar, quizzes, tutorials and games.
  6. EFL Net: Lots of grammar exercises.
  7. A Guide to Learning English: Practice your grammar here.
  8. Non Stop English: Lots of grammar and vocabulary lessons grouped by topics.
  9. Grammar Activity: Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing.
  10. Big Dog's Grammar
  11. English Plus: Select resources from menu, includes common mistakes and style.
  12. English Language Centre Study Zone: This site is is divided into levels. It has some grammar explanations and good activities for elementary (200) to upper intermediate (570) level. Lower levels include vocabulary; higher levels include reading with some grammar activities, but they are not related to specific points.
  13. Essential Grammar In Use: Allows you to work on any area of grammar you choose. You can work on one or many areas simultaneously.
  14. General grammar and vocabulary library: You will find grammar activities at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Click on the grammar exercises link for quizzes and the grammar rules link for explanations. Vocabulary includes 'Weekly words', 'Business language' and 'Idioms'.
  15. Online Writing Support: This site from Towson University has a lot of grammar explanations, self-study units and exercises. These links are suitable for UP and EL1 students.
  16. Isabel's ESL site: Exercises and activities to improve your grammar.
  17. Perfect English Grammar
  18. English tenses
  19. ESL interactive grammar games
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