Useful websites for self-learning (General)

The following websites will help you improve all your English language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking:

  1. Self study for ESL students.
  2. One of the best ESL sites from the US.
  3. Heaps of useful stuff.
  4. The cool way to learn English.
  5. IELTS information
  6. Lessons, games, quizzes, forums & more
  7. CIA World Factbook: Lots of useful information about countries - population, health, geography.
  8. Interesting Hotels: Information about unusual places to travel and stay.
  9. A guide to learning English: The site has useful advice and many exercises in grammar and vocabulary.
  10. English Songs & Lyrics: Listen to the music and read the lyrics of many English songs from the 1930s- to the 1990's.
  11. Breaking News: News stories with vocabulary and comprehension exercises. Recent stories have audio. Stories are added weekly. You can choose stories from the theme (topic) list near the bottom of the page. Intermediate to Advanced Students.
  12. BBC Learning English: A resource-rich site from England's BBC with hours of varied tasks and activities.
  13. Living English: An Australian site which uses small video clips to help students learn English. A good broadband connection is necessary to make best use of this site.
  14. Study English - IELTS preparation, is a series of English language programs for intermediate to advanced learners.
  15. All English Skill: Excellent comprehensive site for teachers and learners with links to all skill activities.
  16. Provides a structured menu of resources - grammar reference, quizzes and activities, and teacher handouts. Registering is free.
  17. Study Skills
  18. Word Games: There are some great word games here. Suitable for intermediate to advanced students.
  19. Word Based Games for ESL Students: Here there are lots of word games to help you practise your grammar.
  20. British Council
  21. Student information about Deakin University.
  22. Many things for ESL students.
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