Pilot Professional Mentoring Program for Early Childhood Teachers


Applications for Early Childhood Mentees are being accepted for the new Pilot Professional Mentoring Program for Early Childhood Teachers, delivered by Victoria University and Deakin University on behalf of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. The Program has been developed for beginning or professionally isolated early childhood teachers who would like to receive professional mentoring. This program provides a valuable professional development opportunity for both services and individuals.

Program Structure for Mentees

  • Shared Learning Day 1

  • Shared Learning Day 2

  • Celebration Half Day

  • On-line Forums

Each Mentee will be assigned a Mentor, with Mentors being assigned by to 5 Mentees to support throughout the program. Where possible Mentors will be matched to Mentees in their local areas so there will be awareness of the impact of local issues/or in similar settings. However, Mentors may also be matched with Mentees in different service environments, and should be willing to adapt their approach to the particular challenges of the mentee's setting.

Closing date for Mentee Applications: Wednesday, 22nd February 2012

Shared Learning Days to advised for 2012


(Participants will be allocated to one of these locations)

Position Description for Mentees (and Mentors) and the Mentee Application form or for further information contact Jenni Beahan EC.mentoring@vu.edu.au or phone 9919 7511

Jenni Beahan
Project Coordinator (EC Pilot Mentoring Program)
School of Education
Victoria University
Phone + 613 9919 7511
Fax     + 613 9919 7574
Email: jenni.beahan@vu.edu.au
Email: EC.Mentoring@vu.edu.au

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