DEECD Evaluation of National Partnership (Teacher Quality, Supply and Retention) Initiatives

Project team

Professor Brenton Doecke (Co-project leader/principal researcher)
Dr Muriel Wells (Co-project leader/principal researcher)
Professor Russell Tytler
Professor Christine Halse
Associate Professor Julianne Moss
Associate Professor Bernadette Walker-Gibbs
Dr Glenn Auld
Dr Damian Blake
Dr Coral Campbell
Dr Brian Doig
Dr Linda Hobbs
Dr Peter Hubber
DrWendy Kortman
Dr Jodie Kline
Mr Michael Long (University of Melbourne)
Dr Alan Marshall
Dr Anne-marie Morrissey
Ms Barbara Preston
Dr Lyn Robinson (University of Melbourne)
Ms Anne Savige (Project manager)

About the Project

Project summary

The Evaluation of National Partnership (Teacher Quality, Supply and Retention) Initiatives is being funded by the Victorian Government Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD).

Deakin University has been commissioned by the DEECD to evaluate initiatives and programs funded by DEECD and by the Commonwealth’s National Partnership (NP) Agreement to improve the quality, supply and retention of the teaching workforce.   The projects’ aim is to determine whether these workforce initaitives (12) have been/are achieving their goals and properly meeting the need of the Victorian school sector.  The project will inform policy by identifying what works well, what needs improvement, and any gaps and emerging issues that might need to be addressed.

The teacher quality, supply and retention programs being evaluated in this project are:

DEECD initiaitives:

  1. Career Convert Program
  2. Mathematics and Science Graduate Scholarship
  3. Rural Retraining Program
  4. Science Graduate Scholarship
  5. Special Education Scholarship
  6. Student Teacher Practicum Scheme
  7. Teaching Scholarships Scheme


NP initiaitives:

  1. Career Change Program
  2. Graduate Pathways Scholarship
  3. Graduate Retention Incentives Program
  4. Indigenous Scholarship
  5. Indigenous Education Workers
  6. Special Education Scholarship

Participant survey

Principal survey

Research Approval

Approval to conduct research in schools has been provided by all relevant stakeholders.

(Deakin University (Human Ethics Advisory Group)


Further information please contact:
Project Manager: Anne Savige
Email or






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