Governance, policy and educational leadership in local and global contexts

The redesign of education to meet the needs of 21st Century students, knowledge economies and culturally diverse societies is the focus of contemporary policy. This program of research investigates futures oriented perspectives on educational governance, leadership and organisational change that address diversity and equity in the context of internationalisation of education. It is distinctive for locating this research agenda within sociological and policy debates over the role of global policy communities, the state, the media and public and private provision of education. The aim is to inform alternative programs of professional learning with a focus on ethics and social justice.

  • Redesign of education
  • Futures oriented perspectives
  • Educational governance, leadership and organisational change
  • Internationalisation of education
  • Global policy communities and global knowledge economy
  • Public and private education
  • Ethics, equity and social justice


For further information regarding this program contact
Professor Trevor Gale (Program Convenor).

Professor Trevor Gale





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