2013 Projects

Developing digital pedagogies in inquiry science through a cloud

2013-2016 ARC Linkage Project (LP130100233)
Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, STILE Education Pty Ltd
Researchers: Dr Peter Hubber, Prof Russell Tytler, Dr Alan Finkel, Mr Peter Laver
Administering Organisation: Deakin University
Project Summary: This project will extend innovative, cloud-based teacher planning software in order to develop effective strategies for using digital resources in inquiry science. This project will work with a number of schools to investigate the development of an inquiry based digital pedagogy, and a professional learning approach utilising cloud-based, digital resources.

Turning them on: engaging young people in disrupting silences about their sexual wellbeing

2013-2016 ARC Linkage Project (LP130100350)
Partners: Deakin University, SHine SA, University of Sussex
Researchers: Prof Bruce Johnson, A/Prof Lyn Harrison, Dr Debbie Ollis, Dr Helen Calabretto, Prof Colleen
McLaughlin, Ms Jane Flentje
Administering Organisation: University of South Australia
Project Summary: This project will investigate what young people think they should be taught in school-based sexuality education programs. This information will inform the re-design of these programs and promote the sexual health of the next generation of Australians.

Reconceptualising mathematics and science teacher education programs through collaborative partnerships between scientists and educators

2013 Office to Learning and Teaching Project - Funding: $3,200,000
Partners: University of Melbourne, Deakin University, La Trobe University, Monash University, VIC Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
Researchers: Professor Stephen Dinham (Project Leader), Professor Russell Tytler, Professor Vaughan Prain, Associate Professor Michelle Livett, Associate Professor Cristina Varsavsky, Associate Professor Deborah Corrigan, Dr Stuart Palmer, Dr Elizabeth Johnson, Dr Jim Tangas, Professor David Clarke
Summary: This project promotes active partnership between researchers and educators in science, mathematics and education to reconceptualise the education of teachers of mathematics and science. Reconstructed coursework and practicum components will require pre-service teachers to connect mathematical and scientific content, thinking, practice and pedagogy in developing expertise in inquiry-based classroom practices. Innovative units and science and mathematics educational activities will exemplify scientific practices, supported by an evidence-based framework and web-mediated public access resources facilitating collaborative work between specialist mathematics and science teacher educators and research mathematicians and scientists. Project dissemination structures anticipate networks connecting university mathematicians, scientists and educators in an enduring partnership with practicing teachers in primary and secondary schools, education systems and associated bodies.

Impact for disadvantaged learners of TAFE institutions and other VET providers delivering bachelor and associate degree qualifications.

2013 Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIISRTE) and the National VET Equity Advisory Council (NVEAC) Project - Funding: $72,687
Partners: Deakin University, University of Ballarat
Researchers: Prof Trevor Gale, Steve Hodge, Emma Charlton, Piper Rodd, Stephen Parker, Andrew Skourdoumbis & Shaun Rawolle
Summary: The project investigates the incidence of TAFE and other VET providers in Australia offering bachelor and associate degrees and the extent to which students from disadvantaged backgrounds are accessing and benefiting from these degree qualifications. It includes five case studies with variation across delivery mode, institutional partnerships, discipline/industry area, qualification type, funding arrangements, accrediting arrangements, and equity intent.

DEECD: Evaluation of National Partnership (Teacher Quality, Supply and Retention) Initiatives

2011-2013 DEECD Project
Partners: Deakin University, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, DEECD
Researchers: Prof B Doecke, Dr M Wells, Prof R Tytler, Prof C Halse, Assoc Prof J Moss, Assoc Prof B Walker Gibbs, Assoc Prof P Hubber, Assoc Prof D Blake, Assoc Prof C Campbell, Dr W Kortman, Dr J Kline, Dr B Doig, Dr L Hobbs, Dr G Auld, Mr A Marshall, Mr M Long, Dr Lyn Robinson, Ms B Preston. RAs: Ms K Tregenza, Ms R Haselden and Ms S Nailer.
Summary: This project will evaluate Victorian initiatives to improve teacher quality, supply and retention. The evaluation will result in advice and recommendations that will inform the Victorian Government’s future teacher workforce strategies and policy agenda. The initiatives to be evaluated are:

  • DEECD initiatives to improve the availability of teachers:
    • in selected subject areas; and
    • in some rural schools that have proved difficult to staff.
  • Initiatives currently being trialed as part of the National Partnership Agreement on Improving Teaching Quality (TQNP).

Collectively these initiatives are designed to strengthen the Victorian schools’ workforce through attracting and retaining high quality teachers. Their effectiveness will be assessed over the next two years.

DEECD: Language and Numeracy Strategy: Literature Review

DEECD Project - Funding: $53,700
Alex Kostogriz, Colleen Vale, Damian Blake, Tracey Ollis, Louise Paatsch, Leicha Bragg, Gaye Williams, Glenn Auld, Joanne O’Mara, Sarah Ohi
Summary: Team have been commissioned to conduct a Literature Review that will identify the best practice systems and processes from Australia and overseas, that deliver effective literacy and numeracy outcomes.  The Literature Review will cover all education sectors including early childhood education and care settings, schools, post compulsory and adult education.   It is expected that this paper will inform the government’s reform agenda which places a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy.

Early Years Education in the Primary Years Program PYP: Implementation Strategies and Program Outcomes

International Baccalaureate (IB) International Organisation (Singapore) Project - Funding: $42,628
Partners: Anne-Marie Morrissey, Brian Doig, Liz Rouse

  1. explore school implementation strategies and learning outcomes associated with the early years stage of the IB Primary Years Program, and
  2. compare the principles and practices of the early years stage of the PYP with national standards and research-based findings regarding quality early childhood education

Science Literacy in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP): NAP-SL Outcomes

International Baccalaureate (IB) International Organisation (Singapore) Project - Funding: $31,140
Partners: Coral Campbell, Gail Chittleborough, Brian Doig & Wendy Jobling

  1. consider the performance of Year 6 students enrolled in the Primary Years Program (PYP) against the Australian Proficiency Standards for Science Literacy (ACARA 2003) and results from the 2012 National Sample Assessment in Science Literacy.


2010 ARC Funded Projects:


Exploring quality primary education in different cultures: a cross-national study of teaching and learning in primary science classrooms

Team: Prof Russell Tytler, Prof Mark W Hackling, Dr Peter J Hubber, Dr Gail D Chittleborough, Dr Karen J Murcia, Prof Dr Joerg Ramseger, Prof Hsiao-Lan S Chen, Prof Chao-Ti J Hsiung

Leadership in entrepreneurial universities: cross-national investigations of engagement and diversity

Team: Prof Jill Blackmore, Prof Susan A Wright, Prof Nelly Stromquist, Asst Prof Peiying C Chen, A/Prof Hildegard Macha


Moments in Time: Investigating a National History Curriculum in Early Childhood Settings and Primary Classrooms

Team: A/Prof Mary Dixon, Dr Paul F Reitano, Dr Kim A Senior, Dr Nicole C Green, A/Prof Anthony I Taylor

Investigating the effectiveness of teacher education for early career teachers in diverse settings: A longitudinal study

Team: Prof Diane E Mayer, Prof Brenton Doecke, A/Prof Mary Dixon, A/Prof Alex Kostogriz, A/Prof Andrea C Allard, A/Prof Simone J White, Dr Bernadette M Walker-Gibbs, Dr Leonie O Rowan, Prof Claire M Wyatt-Smith, Prof R J Bates


Interagency collaborations supporting resilient students, families and schools in disadvantaged communities

Team: Professor Jill Blackmore (PI) with Professor Ann Taket (Health and Behavioural Sciences), Dr Andrea Nolan (Education), Associate Professor Chris Hickey (Education), Bernie Marshall (Health and Behavioural Sciences), Dr Karen Stagnitti, Professor Rob Carter.

Three year ARC linkage with VicHealth, Community Connections, and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Investigating the mismatch between Australian international graduate destinations and workforce shortages

Team: Professor Jill Blackmore (PI) with Dr Ruth Arber(Education), Professor Marcia Devlin, Professor Lesley Farrell(UTS)

Three year ARC linkage with International Development Program.


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