Professional Learning Practice and Ethics (PLPE)

Teachers have to be knowledgeable in their content areas, extremely skilful in a wide range of teaching approaches and ethical in their relations with diverse students. Recognizing the complexity of educators' work, this reasearch group engages in a rigorous exploration of professional learning, practice and ethics in diverse contexts of education and addresses a set of key research questions to build its long-term research program.

  • Teacher education and professional learning in local and global contexts
  • Preparing future teachers and teacher educators through a range of curriculum and pedagogies
  • Professional attributes required by future educators for their active participation in a democratic and socially just project of education
  • The nature of professional practice, how it is known, organized, represented and transformed in various institutional and sociocultural contexts of education
  • The nature of professional practice in neo-liberal conditions and their affect on the everyday of educators
  • Identifying 'ethical' professional practice and how it is practiced across a range of stakeholders
  • Educational responsiveness to workplace practices



For further information regarding the PLPE strand contact
Associate Professor Alex Kostogriz (Theme Convenor).

Alex Kostogriz


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