Previous Visiting Scholars


Dr Geoff Bright (March, 2013) Dr Geoff Bright

CREFI welcomes Dr Geoff Bright. Dr. Geoff Bright is a researcher in the Education and Social Research Institute. Dr Bright will be giving a presentation as part of the CREFI Symposiums in March. Click here for more information. Last year, he co-ordinated Space, Place and Social Justice in Education International Seminar at the Institute . He is Network Co-ordinator: Ethnography Network of the European Education Research Association. He is  Associate Editor, Practitioner Research: International Journal on School Disaffection. His most recent publication is: Bright, N.G. 2012. '"Sticking together!" Policy activism from within a former UK coal-mining community'. In Journal of Education Administration and History. 44:3. 1-16 and he has forthcoming Bright, N. Geoffrey, Youth and Educational Disaffection in an English Coal-Mining Community: an intergenerational ethnography, London: Tufnell Press.

Dr John Yandell (February, 2013)

Dr John YandellCREFI welcomes Dr John Yandell. He is from the Institute of Education, University of London and will be giving two presentations as part of the CREFI Symposiums in February. Click here for more information. John Yandell is the editor of the journal Changing English: Studies in Culture and Education. Hetaught in inner London secondary schools for twenty years before moving to the Institute of Education, University of London, where for the past nine years he has led the Secondary English and English with Drama PGCE course. He also teaches on a range of Master’s programmes and is the joint leader of the MA in English Education. Recent publications include Critical Practice in Teacher Education: a study of professional learning, which he co-edited with Ruth Heilbronn, as well as papers in British Educational Research Journal, Visual Communication, Changing English, Cambridge Journal of Education, Literacy and English Teaching: Practice and Critique. He edited Socialist Teacher for twelve years and contributes regularly to Education for Liberation. University of London Profile

Professor Pat Thomson (June, 2012)

Prof O'ConnorCREFI welcomes Professor Pat Thomson. She is a Professor of Education from the Faculty of Social Sciences at The University of Nottingham. She will be presenting part of a series of Writing Seminars on the 4th and 11th of June. Click here for more information. Her current research focuses on creativity, the arts and change in schools and communities, and postgraduate writing pedagogies. She is currently devoting more time to exploring, reading and thinking about imaginative and inclusive pedagogies which sit at the heart of change. This involves unfunded pilot and small-scale research with local schools and artists. She is also looking at the ways in which innovative approaches to schooling are spread with /against policy agendas - and within and between countries. She maintains an interest in the changing work of school administrators and in children and young people who do not get the full benefits of education. All of her research is underpinned by a commitment to social justice and an interest in questions of power, identity, place and agency.She has had extensive involvement in school, family and community programmes and works closely with practitioners and pupils as co-researchers. She has expertise in policy, sociology and cultural geography and has a particular interest in text-based and arts informed research methods. She frequently uses visual research methods in her work.

Professor Geoff Mills (March, 2012)

Prof O'ConnorCREFI thanks Professor Geoff Mills, a Visiting Scholar from the School of Education at Southern Oregon University. An expatriate Australian, Prof Mills has worked in the USA for 25 years and is the author of Action Research: A guide for the teacher researcher (5th edition in press). Professor Mills presented as part of the CREFI Seminar Series on Tuesday 6th of March, 2012. Click here for more information.

Prof Mills CREFI SeminarProf Mills Prof Halse


Professor Pat O'Connor (November, 2011)

Prof O'ConnorCREFI thanks Professor Pat O’Connor, a Visiting Scholar from the University of Limerick.

  • Fields of research: gender; social change; identity; children and childhood; organisational culture; gender, management and organisational change; masculinities; professionalization; bureaucratisation; gender proofing; the state and social networks
  • Current Project: gender in relation to higher educational policies and structures - with a particular focus on senior management in higher education
  • Latest book publications include: Irish Children and Teenagers in a Changing World: The National Write Now Project; Friendships Between Women (reprinted)
  • Recent journal publications include: (2011) ‘Similarities and Differences in Collegiality/Managerialism in Irish and Australian Universities’ (forthcoming); (2010) ‘Is Senior Management in Irish Universities male dominated? What are the implications?’


Professor Louise Morley (November, 2011)

Prof MorleyCREFI thanks Professor Louise Morley a Visiting Scholar from the Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER) at the University of Sussex, UK.

  • Fields of research: international higher education policy; gender; equity; micropolitics; quality; power
  • Recently completed projects: Widening Participation in Higher Education in Ghana and Tanzania; ‘Imagining the University of the Future’
  • Recently supervised PhD projects: Feminist research in Sri Lanka; Students' Engagements with E-Learning in Higher Education; Strategic Planning for Enhancing Participation in Higher Education
  • Recently published articles: "Gender mainstreaming: myths and measurement in higher education in Ghana and Tanzania." (2010); "Intersecting Poverty and Participation in Higher Education in Ghana and Tanzania." (2009); "Democratising Higher Education in Ghana and Tanzania: Opportunity Structures and Social Inequalities." (2009)


Associate Professor Eva Flicker (Visited February-June, 2011)
Eva FlickerCREFI thanks Associate Professor Eva Flicker, a Visiting Scholar from the Institute of Sociology, University of Vienna.

  • fields of research: sociology of media, tv, film & communication; visual sociology; organization studies; communication in academic organizations; sociology of gender-relations; group dynamics
  • methods: diverse qualitative and interpretative method-skills in content analysis, artefact and document analysis, interview-analysis and visual methods
  • current research projects: visualization of gender in the public and in media; representation of science in media; representation of age in media; youth and media culture ; gender aspects in academic careers
  • completed research projects: diverse sociological analyses of tv-real-life-soaps/ reality-tv; representation of love and romance in US-mainstream movies from 1930-1995
  • teaching experiences since 1991: about 100 university courses and lectures in sociology in ground courses, graduate courses and post graduate courses (graduate school)
  • supervisor for master thesis and dissertation in sociology and gender studies
  • trainer in group dynamics, change in organizations, scientific careers for female scientists



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