Australian Surveillance Studies (AusSS)

A Research Group in the Faculty of Arts and Education


Research @ AusSS

Research at AusSS will focus on:

  • What factors contribute to the general expansion of surveillance as a technology of governance in late modern societies?
  • What are the underlying principles, technological infrastructures and institutional frameworks that support surveillance practice?
  • What are the social consequences of such surveillance both for institutions and for ordinary people? (questions taken from The New Transparency).
  • Engage with the diversity of extant surveillance, not only those that are technologically mediated.
  • Not regard surveillance as inherently sinister, but deeply ambiguous and always questionable.
  • Approach surveillance as social sorting and therefore having important implications for social justice.
  • Seek to focus in particular on those groups and individuals negatively affected by surveillance,
    Emphasise privacy, civil liberties and human rights.
  • Seek to identify policy and governance issues that are not reduced to evermore 'technological solutions.


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