Examining how philosophical ideas shape, and are shaped by, wider cultures

The Philosophy and the History of Ideas (PHI) group brings together researchers from diverse disciplinary backgrounds and philosophical traditions. Together, we deliver projects that develop new connections in the field and explore the transformative power of philosophy

Our research areas

PHI facilitates a research environment that seeks to develop new connections between the history of philosophical thought, abstract thinking about concepts, theoretical reasoning about the world and its contents, and empirically-engaged practical reasoning about individual and collective activity. PHI has four research streams:


Exploring the capacity for natural, political and artificial entities to act, make choices and exercise control.

Identity, subjectivity and embodiment

Analysing subjective experiences, awareness and human consciousness to understand the nature of selfhood and identity.

Meaning-making in the public sphere

Encouraging public and inclusive discourse, dialogue and deliberation to understand the phenomena of human life.

Value, theory and ways of life

Investigating how values, theory and lived experiences shape individual identities and contribute to the fabric of society.

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Featured projects

PHI is fundamentally outward facing, interacting with Australian society and culture through various forms of public engagement. Our researchers critique and engage with contemporary thought and are regular contributors to the Australian media landscape.

No place like home? A phenomenology of racialised non-belonging

No place like home? A phenomenology of racialised non-belonging

Racism is an urgent problem in Australian society, yet its existential effects remain poorly understood. This project, led by Dr Helen Ngo, seeks to develop a new understanding of racism’s deep impact on one’s sense of self and place, reframing racism as not only a political problem, but also an ontological one. In doing so, it aims to guide more robust anti-racist efforts in the pursuit of a more racially just society.

Digital death and immortality

Digital death and immortality

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots based on dead internet users are becoming a reality, while deepfake technology can be used to make the dead appear to live again. This ARC-funded Discovery Project, led by Associate Professor Patrick Stokes and Dr Adam Buben (University of Leiden, Netherlands), aims to explore the ontological and ethical questions of digital immortality and create guidelines for the ethical reuse of ‘digital remains’.

Our researchers

Steered by our group convenors, our members span from early to mid and senior career researchers. They bring a range of disciplinary expertise based on decades of combined experience.

Associate Professor Stokes is an associate professor of philosophy in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. His work sits at the intersections of the Continental and Analytic traditions, with research interests in 19th and 20th century European Philosophy, personal identity, narrative selfhood, moral psychology, death and remembrance, and philosophy of religion.

Dr Christopher Mayes is a senior lecturer in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. His research interests include history and philosophy of healthcare, sociology of health and food, and bioethics.

Research team

Associate Professor Geoff Boucher, Associate Professor Writing, Literature and Culture

Dr Sean Bowden, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

Dr Petra Brown, Lecturer in Philosophy

Dr Tamara Browne, Senior Lecturer, Health Ethics, Law And Professional Development

Dr Leesa Davis, Lecturer in Philosophy

Associate Professor George Duke, Associate Professor in Philosophy

Tim Deane-Freeman, Casual Academic, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr Cathy Legg, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

Dr Michele Lobo, Honorary Fellow

Dr Christopher Mayes, Senior Lecturer, Philosophy

Dr Helen Ngo, DECRA Research Fellow

Associate Professor Antonia Pont, Associate Professor of Writing, Literature and Culture

Professor Jack Reynolds, Professor of Philosophy

Dr Marilyn Stendera, Visitor

Associate Professor Patrick Stokes, Associate Professor in Philosophy

Professor Miguel Vatter, Professor in Political Science

External members

Russell Grigg

John Lippitt

Talia Morag

John Morss

Pierre-Jean Renaudie

Susana Viegas

Daniela Voss

James Williams

Ashley Woodward

Our publications

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