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Need a Deakin Card?

Your Deakin Card is the only accepted form of identification while you are on campus and you are required to carry it at all times.  You can visit Deakin Central any time during their opening hours to obtain your card.

Please note that when your new card has been issued you will need to wait between 1 to 24 hours before being able to print.

Your first Deakin Card

You will have your photograph taken and your card will be printed while you wait. No charges apply.

Please bring with you:

  • Some form of photo ID such as a passport or driver's licence
  • Your student/staff ID number

Replacement card

If you lose, misplace, or have your Deakin Card stolen, you should immediately deactivate the card.

Cloud (online) students

To obtain your Deakin Card you can send an appropriate passport style photo as an attachment (i.e. jpeg format, pixel 1024x1024 and around 200KB).  The photo should be very clear with head and top of shoulders visible and facing the camera.  If you wear reading glasses, please ensure that there is minimal reflection from the camera flash.

You will also need to provide your Deakin student number along with some form of photo ID, such as a driver's licence or passport.

Please forward this information to Deakin Central.  Their email is

If you live near a Deakin Campus, you can visit Deakin Central and they will take your photo and your card will be printed while you wait.  For further information please contact Deakin Central.

Topping up your Deakin Card

Deposit cash online

The easiest way to load funds to an active Deakin Card is to deposit cash online.  All you need is your ID number and credit/debit card details.  Top up your Deakin Card online:

  • MasterCard and Visa accepted
  • Available 24/7
  • $1.00 minimum deposit
  • No fees
  • Instant deposit to card
  • Parents, guardians and friends can add funds too!

Further options

You can load funds at Deakin Central and the Cashier Offices.  Coins, banknotes, eftpos and credit cards are accepted and funds are loaded immediately to your card.

Funds can be loaded over the phone via credit card through the Cashier Offices.

Funds can also be loaded at one of our eight Reload Stations conveniently located near computer labs and libraries and some are open 24 hours a day.  Instructions are displayed on the front of each Reload Station.

Please note:

  • Only Australian banknotes are accepted
  • Change is not given
  • It's important to check the receipt issued to you at the end of each transaction
Campus Location of Reload Station
Melbourne Burwood Campus
  • Building V, Library Foyer
  • Building B, Level 2
  • Central Precinct, Building HB, Level 2 (next to gym)
  • Elgar Road, Building LB, Level 2
Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus
  • Library
  • Building JB, Level 2 (near Security)
Geelong Waterrfont Campus Near the Security Office
Warrnambool Campus Building A, near the Security Office

Eat, drink, print, shop and more

Your Deakin Card is not only your ID and library card but it can also be used as an on-campus payment card.  By loading funds online to your card you can use it to pay for all your daily expenses on campus. 

Why carry cash on campus when you can simply carry your Deakin Card?

Deakin Card is accepted at all the following locations:

Printing funds or Faculty award loaded to your card?

Printing funds

Funds loaded to your Deakin Card by a Faculty or Division for printing purposes only, will have been loaded as Deakin Dollars $ Printing.

  • Deakin Dollars $ Printing are redeemable at all campus printers.
  • Only when your Deakin Dollars $ Printing balance is empty will any other funds be used from your Deakin Card to pay for printing.
  • When you swipe your Deakin Card at a printer the funds will be removed from your Deakin Dollars $ Printing balance.

Faculty award or prize

Funds loaded to your Deakin Card by a Faculty or Division as an award or prize, will have been loaded as Deakin Dollars $.

  • Deakin Dollars $ are redeemable at all campus printers and retail outlets.
  • When you swipe your Deakin Card at a printer or retail outlet the funds will be removed from your Deakin Dollars $ balance.
  • Only when your Deakin Dollars $ balance is empty will funds from your Cash Plan be used to pay for printing and retail purchases.

Plans that may appear on your Deakin Card

Description Loaded by Use at retail outlets Use at printers Refundable to students
Cash Plan Students
Deakin Dollars $ Deakin University x
Deakin Dollars $ Printing Deakin University x x

View your Deakin Card plan balances.


Win every month in 2014!  Open to both students and staff.

Double your Deposit
Anytime that you load funds to your Deakin Card you will automatically be entered into the draw to win the same amount loaded to your Deakin Card that that you have loaded.

Competition winners

The Double your Deposit winner for February 2014 is W.Lin, Burwood Campus

Terms and Conditions 2014

Double your Deposit

  • Closing date for entries: 12:00am at the end of each month January to November 2014
  • Date winner of competition to be drawn: First week of each month.
  • Number of prizes:  1 each month.
  • Prize details:  Winner will receive the same amount deposited to their Deakin Card that they deposited to their card in the specific transaction randomly selected.  *Prize will be loaded as Deakin Dollars $ is not redeemable for cash.
  • Prizes will be transferred to the winner's Deakin Card within 28 days of the draw.
  • Winner(s) will be drawn randomly each month from all entries who've deposited any amount of money to their Deakin Card.  All staff and students included.
  • Winner(s) will be notified via email within 7 days of the draw.
  • Deakin University reserves the right to publish names and photographs of the winners

Dining on Campus

Dining on Campus information for Burwood, Geelong and Warrnambool students.


Your Melbourne Institute of Business and Technology (MIBT) ID card is recognised as a Deakin Card and has the same functionality.  Not only is it your ID and library card but it can also be used as an on-campus payment card.  Simply load funds online to your card and start swiping for all of your printing, cafe, retail purchases and more!


As so many of our campus services are accessed through the use of a Deakin Card, we have a Visitor Deakin Card available for all visitors to the University.

Visitor Cards can be purchased at many of our Reload Stations for $5 and they come with a credit of $3 pre-loaded.  A Visitor Card can be used for:

  • Photocopying (there is no printing capability)
  • Cafe and restaurant purchases
  • Vending purchases at selected machines
  • Bookstore, merchandise and general retail purchases

Visitor Cards can be topped up at Reload Stations, Deakin Central or the Cashier Offices.

Terms and Conditions

Deakin Card is the official identification card of Deakin University. It may also be used as a stored-value card. At the cardholder's option, the card may be loaded with funds and used (instead of cash) to pay for various goods and services on campus. Melbourne Institute of Business and Technology (MIBT) student cards are recognised as Deakin Cards.

The cardholder will be bound by the following terms and conditions from the date the Deakin Card is first used for a financial transaction:


Each cardholder is responsible for ensuring the safe keeping of their card and must not release the card details to anyone nor authorise any other person to use their card. Deakin University is not responsible for any unauthorised use of the Deakin Card.

In the event that the cardholder loses, misplaces or has their Deakin Card stolen, the cardholder should immediately deactivate the card online.

Deakin Card dispute resolution procedure

If a cardholder is dissatisfied with a product or service provided by the Deakin Card Office, the cardholder should inform the Deakin Card Office promptly. The cardholder can inform the Deakin Card Office:

  • by calling 1800 450 503 between 9am to 5pm on work days;
  • sending a letter to Deakin Card Office's postal address at 221 Burwood Highway, Burwood, VIC 3125;
  • emailing the Deakin Card email address at

Each complaint is registered in the Deakin Card Office's system and is dealt with according to documented internal dispute resolution processes at no charge to the cardholder. The Deakin Card Office can arrange an interpreter to assist the cardholder to make a complaint if required.

If the Deakin Card Office are unable to resolve a cardholder's complaint immediately, the Deakin Card Office will write to the cardholder within 10 business days either:

  • addressing the issue(s) raised; or
  • advising if more time is needed to address the issue(s) or to complete the investigation.

In all but exceptional cases the Deakin Card Office will take less than 45 days from receiving a cardholder's complaint to address the issue(s) raised or to complete the investigation. If the Deakin Card Office is unable to do so within the 45 days, the Deakin Card Office will:

  • inform the cardholder of the reasons for the delay;
  • provide the cardholder with monthly updates on progress with the investigation;
  • specify a date when a decision can reasonably be expected.

Where a cardholder is not satisfied with the Deakin Card Office's response or handling of the complaint, the cardholder can contact the Deakin Card Coordinator, Karen Graham ( who will attempt to resolve the complaint within five business days.

Services for Faculties and Divisions (staff only)

Have a question regarding door access?

Information about how to obtain door access on your staff ID card can be found by visiting the Keys/Access cards webpage and completing an Online Key Request.  

Any enquiries regarding current access or lost access cards can be forwarded to

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