Health Literacy Masterclass

A two day intensive masterclass for health professionals, managers and executives, health planners and those active in health promotion and community services.

Public Health Innovation, has been pushing the boundaries of the health literacy field to take it from an appealing academic concept to a practical tool to facilitate programs to reduce social inequalities in health.The cutting-edge approach, including the development of a health literacy framework Ophelia, is attracting national and international interest.

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Date: October 13th - 14th 2014, Deakin City Centre, Level 3, 550 Bourke St, Melbourne


* To be put on the wait list contact or 03 9244 6292

* Program and presenters


* Interact with leading national and international experts who are experienced in tackling the challenges of assessing and responding to health literacy needs, especially of 'hard to reach' groups.

* Learn about applying a systems thinking approach to developing and delivering health literacy strategies and programs across your organisation.

* Build your planning and practical skills to use the latest evidence-based tools and techniques to develop a health literate organisation.


Cancellation Policy

* Full refund of registration costs (less $100 administration costs) for cancellations in writing before 31st July 2014.

* 50% refund of registration costs (less $100 administration costs) for cancellations in writing before 31st August 2014.

* No refund of registration costs for cancellation from 1 September 2014.

* 100% refund of registration costs if the Masterclass is not offered.


Proudly supported by Jean Hailes for Women's Health and the Collie Foundation

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Program and Presenters:

A/Prof Helle Terkildsen Maindal, Aarhus University, Denmark
Helle has special interests in the development of health literacy interventions and their evaluation using appropriate outcome measures. She has also adapted and implemented the use of the Australian Health Literacy Questionnaire in international settings.

Prof Richard Osborne, Deakin University
Richard is a NHMRC Senior Research Fellow with over 20 years experience in health services redesign, health inequalities, and outcomes evaluation. He is a recognised international leader in health literacy research and development. He has developed tools to improve care and increase equitable delivery of health services across Australia and internationally. Richard leads the Optimising Health Literacy (Ophelia) study, an Australian Research Council Linkage project in partnership with Monash University and the Victorian Department of Health.

Mr Roy Batterman, Senior Research Fellow, Deakin University
Roy is currently working on health literacy projects in Thailand and across Asia. He has high level expertise in program logic and design, the development of measurement tools to assess health literacy in diverse populations and the evaluation of complex programs to improve health outcomes. Roy is responsible for the overall design of the Ophelia project.

Dr Sarity Dodson, Senior Research Fellow, Deakin University
Sarity trained as a health psychologist and has extensive experience in developing training activities and intervention design for chronic disease care across Victoria. Since joining Deakin she has led the development of Stepping Up, an internet-based intervention and is a key project manager in the Ophelia project. Sarity is currently developing the roll out of a web based Community of Practice to support those using and adapting this approach.

Ms Anita Trezona, PhD Scholar, Deakin University
Anita is an experienced manager in the Victorian community health sector and is currently undertaking research mapping and developing a conceptual framework that describes the characteristics of health literate organisations. This work will lead to a suite of tools and resources which support organisations to identify their strengths and limitations, change opportunities, prioritise actions, and plan, implement and evaluate addressing the health literacy needs.

Flyer / Poster

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