Deakin Card

Imagine having one card for all your Uni needs – welcome to Deakin Card! It's your ID, library, printing, shopping and on campus payment card.

Deakin Card Essentials

Want to know where to get your Deakin Card, what it can be used for or how to print?

Essentials is for students, staff, visitors and MIBT students.  It provides useful information about using your Deakin Card on campus.

Deakin Student Card

Make the switch

Deakin Card staff choose to top-up their Deakin Card online.  What about you?

It's easy, the funds are loaded immediately and the minimum deposit is only $1.00.

Make the switch and top-up online now.

Expired Deakin Card

It's important to have an up-to-date Deakin Card at all times.  If your card has expired you can visit Deakin Central on your campus and they will print you a new card while you wait.

Lost or stolen card

Report your lost or stolen Deakin Card to deactivate it immediately.

Contact us

1800 450 503 (free call)

+61 3 522 72277

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