School of Life and Environmental Sciences research

The School of Life and Environmental Sciences harbours a wide-ranging research portfolio, covering a variety of areas as diverse as wildlife and conservation biology, plant biotechnology, biochemistry, ecology, synthetic chemistry, marine biology, evolutionary biology, biomedical sciences, trace metal biology, biomolecular sciences, toxicology, palaeobiology, environmental sciences, bioinformatics, aquaculture, physiology, geographic information systems, and forensic science.

Our research endeavours at making a positive difference towards expanding knowledge and finding solutions, from molecules to global ecosystems.

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Integrative Physiology and

Integrative Physiology and Biochemistry

Research enquiries

Assoc Prof Giovanni Turchini
Associate Head of School (Research & Warrnambool)
Phone: +61 3 55633312


Completing a Honours degree as an extension to your undergraduate degree gives you an opportunity to hone in on specialised skills and research abilities. These, in addition to, the advanced learning process are often recognised as essential by prospective employers. Completing Honours also gives you the ability to be exposed to significant research and as a pathway to further study.

Master of Science (Research)

The first course of its kind to be offered at Deakin, this course comprises a unique combination of coursework and research, and provides the ideal pathway between undergraduate study and a doctoral degree.

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