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Head of School

Professor Marnie Campbell

Professor Marnie Campbell is passionate about conserving our marine, estuarine, and coastal environments. She is particularly interested in restoring ecosystems, managing marine introduced species (biosecurity), risk assessment and perceptions, and the social drivers that lead to impacts in our ecosystems.

Professor Campbell’s career maintains a balance between active science research and scholarship at the interface of environmental management, with the aim of translating science into effective policy and determining how policy directs science. A crucial component of this is helping to guide and create scientists, environmental leaders and decision-makers of the future via innovative and life-long education opportunities.

Professor Campbell is motivated by working with researchers and students to improve how “we” listen, and address stakeholder needs, to provide positive impacts.

Key contacts

Professor Marnie Campbell, Head of School, Life and Environmental Sciences

Associate Professor Janine McBurnie, Deputy Head of School (Burwood)

Associate Professor Bill Borrie, Associate Head of School, Student Learning

Dr Liz Weldon, Associate Head of School, International

Associate Professor Craig Sherman, Associate Head of School, Research and Industry Engagement

Associate Professor David Francis, Associate Head of School, Waurn Ponds and Queenscliff

Ms Ash Keenan, School Manager, Administration and Technical Services

Mr David Gleadon, Technical Manager

Academic staff

Dr Jacqui Adcock, Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor Luis Afonso, Associate Professor of Marine Sciences

Professor John Arnould, Professor

Professor Colin Barrow, Alfred Deakin Professor And Chair In Biotechnology

Dr Kristian Bell, Associate Research Fellow, Ecology and Biodiversity

Dr Alecia Bellgrove, Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor Peter Biro, Associate Professor In Behavioural Ecology

Associate Professor Bill Borrie, Associate Professor, Environmental Management and Sustainability

Professor Brett Bryan, Alfred Deakin Professor of Global Change, Environment and Society

Professor Kate Buchanan, Professor

Associate Professor Damien Callahan, Associate Professor

Professor Marnie Campbell, Head of School Life and Environmental Sciences

Dr Adam Cardilini, Lecturer, Environmental Science

Dr Paul Carnell, Research Fellow

Associate Professor Timothy Clark, ARC Future Fellow

Dr Andrew Coates, Associate Research Fellow, Innovative Aquaculture

Associate Professor Xavier Conlan, Associate Professor of Forensic Chemistry

Dr Tim Connell, ARC DECRA Fellow

Associate Professor Raylene Cooke, Associate Professor

Dr Patricia Corbett, Teaching Scholar

Dr Kay Critchell, Lecturer, Oceanography

Dr Oli Dalby, Associate Research Fellow

Professor Tim Dempster, Professor, Marine Biology and Aquaculture

Dr Bernhard Dichtl, Senior Lecturer

Dr Egan Doeven, Research Fellow

Professor John Donald, Professor

Professor Don Driscoll, Professor of Terrestrial Ecology

Dr Micheli Duarte de Paula Costa, Research Fellow

Dr Annalisa Durdle, Senior Lecturer, Forensic Science

Mr Morgan Ellis, Associate Research Fellow

Professor Paul Francis, Professor

Associate Professor David Francis, Associate Head of School, Waurn Ponds and Queenscliff

Dr Prue Francis, Senior Lecturer

Dr Ozge Geyik, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Associate Professor Mark Guthridge, Associate Professor, Biomedical Science

Dr Michalis Hadjikakou, Senior Lecturer, Environmental Science

Professor Graeme Hays, Alfred Deakin Professor and Chair in Marine Science

Dr Jillian Healy, Lecturer, Biomedical Science

Dr Megan Hirst, Research Fellow

Dr Brendan Holland, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Owen Holland, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Lachlan Howell, Research Fellow

Associate Professor Daniel Ierodiaconou, Associate Professor of Marine Science

Dr Matt Jago, Associate Research Fellow

Professor Marcel Klaassen, Alfred Deakin Professor and Chair in Ecology

Dr Na Kong, Alfred Deakin Postdoc Research Fellow

Associate Professor Sharon La Fontaine, Associate Professor of Biomedical Science

Dr Christie Lam, Lecturer in Sustainability

Dr Chi Le, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ms Tara Lewis, Lecturer, Environmental Science

Dr Chris Lim, Lecturer, Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Professor Peter Macreadie, Professor

Dr Martino Malerba, ARC DECRA Fellow

Dr Mylene Mariette, Research Fellow

Professor Euan Ritchie, Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Dr Motilal Mathesh Shanmugam, Research Fellow

Dr Ty Matthews, Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor Janine McBurnie, Deputy Head of School

Dr Matthew McKenzie, Senior Lecturer, Biomedical Science

Dr Alexandra McQueen, Associate Research Fellow

Dr Agnes Michalczyk, Teaching Scholar

Associate Professor Kelly Miller, Associate Professor of Environment and Society

Associate Professor Adam Miller, Associate Professor in Aquatic Ecology and Biodiversity

Dr Tom Mock, Associate Research Fellow

Associate Professor Julie Mondon, Associate Professor of Ecotoxicology

Dr Hoang Chinh Nguyen, Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Siegmund Nuyts, Associate Research Fellow in Hydrology

Dr Omosalewa Odebiri, Research Fellow, Environmental Sciences

Dr Andrew Oxley, Lecturer, Marine Microbiology

Dr Maria Palacios, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Blue Carbon

Dr Ane Pastor Rollan, Research Fellow

Associate Professor Fred Pfeffer, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr Jacqui Pocklington, Research Fellow

Dr Nicholas Porch, Senior Lecturer

Dr Vincent Raoult, Research Fellow

Dr Rifaee Rasheed, Associate Research Fellow, Environmental Social Science

Dr Alex Rattray, Associate Research Fellow

Dr Anthony Rendall, Lecturer, Bioscience

Professor Nick Robinson, Professor of Aquaculture Genetics

Mr Toby Ross, Associate Research Fellow

Dr Jess Rowland, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Elley Rudebeck, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Michael Salini, Research Fellow, Aquaculture Nutrition

Dr Aaron Schultz, Senior Lecturer

Dr Lukas Schuster, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Mr Roshan Sharma, Associate Research Fellow, Spatial Ecology and Remote Sensing

Associate Professor Craig Sherman, Associate Head of School (Research and Industry Engagement)

Dr Samantha Sherman, Senior Lecturer, Fisheries

Dr Shoaib M Siddik, Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Mrs LJ Singh, Lecturer, Indigenous Engagement

Dr Simone Stevenson, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Associate Professor Cenk Suphioglu, Associate Professor Of Biomedical Science

Associate Professor Matthew Symonds, Associate Professor, Ecology

Dr Bianca Szkuta, Lecturer, Forensic Science

Dr Sachin Talekar, Research Fellow

Dr Marina Telonis-Scott, Lecturer in Molecular Genetics

Dr Trevor Thornton, Senior Lecturer

Dr Erica Todd, Teaching Scholar

Dr Angel Torriero, Senior Lecturer, Chemistry

Dr Stacey Trevathan-Tackett, ARC DECRA Fellow

Dr Jared Tromp, Research Fellow

Associate Professor Beata Ujvari, Associate Professor, Bioinformatics and Genetics

Dr Wouter van Dongen, Lecturer, Zoology

Associate Professor Anneke Veenstra, Associate Professor

Associate Professor Susanna Venn, Associate Professor

Dr Mark Warne, Senior Lecturer

Dr Fletcher Warren-Myers, Research Fellow, Innovative Aquaculture

Dr Melissa Wartman, Research Fellow

Dr Lawrence Webb, Lecturer, Chemistry

Dr Liz Weldon, Associate Head of School (International)

Associate Professor Jan West, Associate Professor

Associate Professor Mike Weston, Associate Professor of Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Dr Tricia Wevill, Senior Lecturer, Environmental Sciences

Dr Desley Whisson, Senior Lecturer in Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Associate Professor John White, Associate Professor

Dr Sasha Whitmarsh, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Virginia Williamson, Research Assistant

Associate Professor Wenrong Yang, Associate Professor, Biotechnology and Chemistry

Dr Kaori Yokochi, Lecturer

Dr Mary Young, Lecturer, Coastal and Marine Science

Dr Angela Ziebell, Senior Lecturer, Chemistry

Dr Mark Ziemann, Senior Lecturer, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

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