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Need a supervisor? We can help you find someone suitable across our mix of disciplines, which include:

  • biological science
  • biomedical science
  • biotechnology
  • chemistry and pharmaceutical science
  • environmental management and sustainability
  • environmental science
  • fisheries and aquaculture
  • marine and freshwater biology
  • mathematical modelling
  • science
  • sustainable regional development
  • wildlife and conservation biology
  • zoology and animal science
  • forensic science.

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Life on land

This research theme encompasses ecological, animal and human contributions to the environment and how they impact global issues such as wildlife conservation, evolution, agriculture and climate change. Our research seeks to understand living systems and how they relate to their environment.

Life in water

This research theme seeks to understand how aquatic systems play a critical role as a productive natural resource which needs careful scientific management from an environmental and production standpoint. Our research holistically covers freshwater and marine biology and how they intersect with fisheries and aquaculture.

Molecules of life

This research theme encompasses assessment of the molecules of life in order to identify how they influence a range of fields across physical, chemistry and molecular sciences. Our research focusses on gaining measurement of the molecule of life in biomedical, forensic, chemistry and biotechnology contexts.

Research areas

Read more about our research in these areas:

Cellular and molecular biology

The Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) solves both fundamental and practical problems relating to health and the environment by carrying out research into molecular and cellular biology.

Find out more about CCMB's research

Chemistry, biotechnology and forensic sciences

We solve real-world problems through our research into pharmaceuticals, natural products, agricultural biotechnology, biomedical detection and materials science.

Find out more about our chemistry, biotechnology and forensic sciences research

Environmental management and sustainability

Our researchers aim to make an immediate difference to the current planning and management of human use of the natural environment and resources.

Find out more about our environmental management and sustainability research

Integrative physiology and biochemistry

Our research examines the function of animals and plants addressing key questions in organismal biology and adaptation to environmental change.

Find out more about our integrative physiology and biochemistry research

Marine, freshwater and aquaculture sciences

Our research focuses on a wide range of aquatic areas. We seek to improve local and national industries, communities we live in, and influence the broader global scientific community.

Find out more about our marine, freshwater and aquaculture sciences research

Palaeobiology and global change

Our researchers use geological records to understand and answer key questions about evolution, development and extinction on our changing planet.

Find out more about our palaeobiology and global change research

Behaviour, ecology, evolution and ecophysiology

Our research centres on biological problems that are specifically related to the behaviour, ecology, evolution and ecophysiology of bird, sea and plant life.

Find out more about our behaviour, ecology, evolution and ecophysiology research

Wildlife and conservation biology

We aim to understand the processes that influence the distribution of plants and animals, in order to improve biodiversity conservation outcomes. 

Find out more about our wildlife and conservation biology research

Study a PhD at Deakin

Study a PhD at Deakin

A love of fishing inspired PhD graduate Tom Mock to pursue a career in aquatic science. Discover how Deakin's state-of-the-art aquaculture facilities encouraged Tom to complete his PhD.

Strategic research centres

Bioinformatics Core Research Group

The Bioinformatics Core Research Group (BCRG) brings together a range of expertise and resources to support and facilitate bioinformatics at Deakin University. 

The group strives to enable researchers so that they will be able to view and process their data themselves, through appropriate training, bioinformatic support and infrastructure.

Find out more about BCRG

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