Depending on the level of risk involved with your project, there are three different ways you might apply for ethical approval.

  1. Negligible risk projects are exempt from formal application and can be approved very quickly. These are defined asresearch... where there is no foreseeable risk of harm or discomfort; and any foreseeable risk is no more than inconvenience. Where the risk, even if unlikely, is more than inconvenience, the research is not negligible risk (NS 2.1.7, p.18).

    To learn whether your project qualifies as negligible risk (and also how to submit an application to be exempt from ethical review), access the research services website

  2. Expedited review. If your application is 'low risk' you can apply for expedited review. This approval process generally takes around 3 weeks before approval is granted. More information on this process can be found here.
  3. Detailed information regarding approval for projects that do not qualify for expedited review can be found here.

Although you should check the above link for more information, a typical application consistent of the following:

  1. Application form completed via the NEAF website.
  2. Victorian capacity to consent form (template and guidelines on research services webpage).
  3. Victorian privacy supplements (template and guidelines on research services webpage).
  4. Copy of any questionnaires involved in the research.
  5. Plain language statement and informed consent forms for participants and/or organisations (templates on the ethics website). 

Deadlines for applications can be found here.

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