Governance, policy and educational leadership

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Program Convenor
Professor Trevor Gale

The redesign of education to meet the needs of 21st Century students, knowledge economies and culturally diverse societies is the focus of contemporary policy. This program investigates futures oriented perspectives on educational governance, policy and leadership that address diversity and capability in the context of internationalisation of education. It is distinctive for locating this research agenda within sociological and policy debates over the role of global policy communities, the state, the media and public and private provision of education. The aim is to inform alternative education programs with a focus on capability, wellbeing, equity and social justice.

  • Governance, policy and leadership
  • Organisational change and the redesign of education
  • Futures oriented perspectives
  • Educational programs and practice
  • Internationalisation of education
  • Global policy communities and global knowledge economy
  • Social and education imaginaries
  • Social and education contracts
  • Public and private education
  • Capability, wellbeing, equity and social justice

Researcher profiles

For further information regarding this program contact Professor Trevor Gale (Program Convenor).

Current projects

  • Gale, T. with Cross, R. (University of Melbourne) and Mills, C. (University of Queensland) (2013-2015). Social justice dispositions informing teachers' pedagogy in advantaged and disadvantaged secondary schools. Australian Research Council, Discovery Project DP130101297.
  • Gale, T. with Zipin, L., (Victoria University) Brennan, M., (Victoria University), and Sellar, S. (University of Queensland). (2012-2014). Capacitating student aspirations in classrooms and communities of a high-poverty region. Australian Research Council, Discovery Project DP120101492.
  • Gale, T., Parker, S. and Molla, T. (2014). Secondary School Graduate Preferences for Bachelor Degrees and Institutions. National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education.
  • Skourdoumbis, A. and Parker, S. (2014). Using a capability approach to re-frame teacher's pedagogic work. Central Research Grant (CRG) Scheme, Deakin University.

Recent projects

  • Blackmore, J., Campbell, J., Gale, T., Parker, S., Rawolle, S., Rowlands, J., Skourdoumbis, A., and Vongalis-Macrow, A. (2013). The politicization of capabilities in Australian education. Seeding Grant, Centre for Research in Education Futures and Innovation (CREFI).
  • Gale, T., Charlton, E., Hodge, S. (University of Ballarat), Parker, S., Rawolle, S., Rodd, P., and Skourdoumbis, A. (2013). Impact for disadvantaged learners of TAFE institutions and other VET providers delivering bachelor & associate degree qualifications. DIISRTE / NVEAC, project report (PDF-1,563kb).
  • Gale, T. (2012-2013). Measuring Student Aspirations and Aspirational Resources. Deakin University (DUPPP), project report (PDF-670kb).
  • Gale, T., Doig, B. and Moore, T. (2012-2013). Student Aspirations in Central Queensland: (Re)imagining higher education in low SES student futures. Deakin University and Central Queensland University (CQU and HEPPP), project report (PDF-1,377kb).
  • Gale, T. (2013). Widening Participation in Australian Higher Education. Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and the Office of Fair Access (OFFA), project report (PDF-811kb).
  • Gale, T. (2012). Dispositions Towards Social Justice in Advantaged and Disadvantaged Schools.Deakin University Central Research Grant.
  • Skourdoumbis, A. and Parker, S. (2013). Capabilities and Australian School Policy. Research Development Grant (RDG), Centre for Research in Education Futures and Innovation (CREFI).
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