Weighted Average Mark (WAM)

A Weighted Average Mark (WAM) is a calculation of all your relevant unit outcomes within a course. The WAM is weighted by taking into consideration the credit points of a unit and the result. Relevant grades are listed below.

How to calculate a WAM

To calculate the WAM for your course, you will need the achievable credit points for your passed, failed and withdrawn failed units and the mark for each of those units. A withdrawn late isn't considered an 'achievable' credit point.

If a mark was not given for your unit/s, the default WAM mark (see table below) should be used. Only units with a grade listed in the table below are included in the calculation.

The weighted average mark for your course is calculated in three parts.

1: Multiply the achievable credit points for a unit by the mark granted (overall mark for your unit), or the default WAM mark (see table below);

2: Get a total of all the multiplications, and

3: Divide this total by the sum of the achievable credit points for all your units that have contributed to the calculation of your WAM.

Worked example of WAM
Let's say a student has completed 8 units (each worth 1 achievable credit point).

The outcomes for these units are:

  • two Credits (each with a mark of 60),
  • two Distinctions (each with a mark of 75),
  • one High Distinction (mark of 80),
  • two Withdrawn Late (WL grade) and a
  • one Withdrawn Fail (WN grade - default WAM mark of 0),

To calculate the WAM for these outcomes, the student would do the following.

Part 1:

  • 2 Credits (1cp x 60 + 1cp x 60) = 120
  • 2 Distinctions (1cp x 75 + 1cp x 75) = 150
  • 1 High Distinction (1cp x 80) = 80
  • 1 Withdrawn Fail (1cp x 0) = 0
  • 2 Withdrawn Late *** not included in the calculation***
  •           Total achievable credit points = 6

    Part 2:

              Total 120+150+80+0 = 350 

    Part 3:

              350/6 = course WAM of 58.3

    Grades used in WAM calculation

    The following table lists all outcomes which are used to calculate a WAM.

    The mark range for each grade and the default WAM mark for those grades without a mark are as follows:

    Grade   Grade Description   Mark Range    Default WAM Mark * 
    HD High Distinction 80-100 90
    D Distinction 70-79 75
    C Credit 60-69 65
    P Pass 50-59 55
    N Fail 0-49 0
    PC Pass Conceded n/a 50
    XN Not passed, not assessed  n/a 0
    WN Withdrawn - Fail n/a 0
    UPR Unsatisfactory Progress n/a 0
    WRN Withdrawn, debt remission with academic penalty  n/a 0

    * Default WAM Mark is only used where a student has a Grade without a Mark assigned.  This is rarely required.

    Grades not used in WAM calculation

    The following table lists unit outcomes/grades not used in the calculation of the WAM. Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) from your course is also not part of the calculation.

    Grade  Grade Description
    WE  Withdrawn Early 
    WL Withdrawn Late
    EP External Institution Pass (used for cross institutional units) 
    UP Ungraded Pass
    WR Withdrawn, debt remission (no academic penalty)
    RI, RIA, RIE  Unfinalised results
    RW Result withheld
    XA Not to be assessed yet
    RP Result not applicable
    SAA, SAE Pending assessment

    Need help?

    If you have any queries about your WAM, contact your Faculty enrolment officer/course adviser.

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